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Ju­lianne Moore up for the vil­lain in Kings­man 2… Spar­ta­cus’s Steven S DeKnight di­rect­ing Pa­cific Rim 2… Ryan Reynolds in talks for Mars mis­sion tale Life… The Wolver­ine’s James Man­gold di­rect­ing Cap­tain Nemo for Dis­ney ( not to be con­fused with Bryan Singer’s 20,000 Leagues Un­der The Sea for Twen­ti­eth Cen­tury Fox)… Rogue One’s Diego Luna or­bit­ing Sony’s Flat­lin­ers re­make along­side Ellen Page… Sam Raimi di­rect­ing World War 3… Trans­form­ers 5 film­ing in Detroit this sum­mer… Tye Sheri­dan star­ring in Steven Spiel­berg’s Ready Player One… The Lego Movie’s Dan and Kevin Hage­man pol­ish­ing the screen­play of Guillermo del Toro’s Scary Sto­ries To Tell In The Dark… Mon­sters Univer­sity di­rec­tor Dan Scan­lon helm­ing Cars 3… Bold Films de­vel­op­ing su­per­hero tale Sa­mar­i­tan… Roger Cor­man pro­duc­ing Death Race 2050, re­boot­ing 1975’ s Death Race 2000… New Line de­vel­op­ing a live­ac­tion Astro Boy with a screen­play by San An­dreas’ An­dre Fabrizio and Jeremy Pass­more… Jon Turteltaub in talks to helm gi­ant shark tale Meg…

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