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Iron Man has be­come a piv­otal char­ac­ter in the Marvel Movie Uni­verse. What ini­tially got you ex­cited about do­ing this movie?

The Avengers movies were al­ways th­ese colos­sal, am­bi­tious things but to me Civil War was the smart, sexy, Marvel idea. You don’t want to see th­ese two char­ac­ters cre­ate a tear in the fab­ric of their re­la­tion­ship be­cause you know how per­va­sive it can be. So it gives you a fair amount of shat­ter to play with. I’ve al­ways liked the idea of “How do you re­cover from that?”

Can you tell us about any new up­grades to the suit?

In Iron Man 3 we stripped down Tony to MacGyver with­out a bud­get, but there are a cou­ple of lit­tle things that hap­pen in this one that I’m re­ally stoked on. A lit­tle bit of new tech that he has helps give them a fight­ing chance against Win­ter Sol­dier when they go hand- to- hand. Pretty much if you pick a char­ac­ter on Tony’s side or not, he’s had an in­flu­ence. Joss Whedon gave us that en­trée in the first Avengers and then it re­ally picked up in Ul­tron, so now it’s un­der­stood. If any­one needs any­thing, Tony makes it.

What is it that makes Chris Evans a great Cap­tain Amer­ica?

He’s like the Spencer Tracy of Marvel. He stands there, tells the truth and then kicks ass in a way that you re­ally be­lieve. His phys­i­cal­ity is top notch. Cap­tain Amer­ica was the sin­gle hard­est char­ac­ter to launch in this uni­verse and Chris did it the first time, the se­cond time, in both Avengers movies, and he’s do­ing it again. I think he was not over­whelmed but very sur­prised and some­what taken aback by the amount of love he gets. When I go to the shop­ping cen­tres now, I see 20 Cap­tain Amer­ica shirts wher­ever I go. It’s ceased to be­come just about him and how well he in­hab­ited the role. It’s be­come part of our cul­ture as a sym­bol. We work in dif­fer­ent ways but I deeply re­spect the guy. I learn from work­ing with him.

Bet­ter than Ryanair, any­way.

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