“She’s At Her Schem­ing Best This Sea­son!”


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At the end of last sea­son Cer­sei hit rock bot­tom with her Walk of Shame. What next? She be­gins her climb up again of course! Be­cause she’s such a sur­vivor and now she is rid of the men that were hold­ing her back she is as usual cre­at­ing ways, mak­ing plans to rise quite far. She’s at her schem­ing best this sea­son.

How does she take the news that her daugh­ter is dead – and that Jaime’s trip to Dorne may have played a part? Ob­vi­ously their re­la­tion­ship’s com­pli­cated any­way. He doesn’t do what he says he’s go­ing to do which is to bring her home. So they’re in an odd place but also the strong­est place they’ve been to­gether for a long time. But as usual Cer­sei has other plans. Weirdly at this point she’s al­most sur­ren­dered to the prophecy [ that all her chil­dren will die] and that it’s go­ing to hap­pen.

What’s been the hard­est scene you’ve had to film on the se­ries? The harder they are the more I love it. I want to eat it up when it’s tough. It’s all pretty in­tense this year. But the Walk of Shame was hard just be­cause it was three solid days of stay­ing there and be­ing in that place. I al­ways knew that was where Cer­sei was go­ing to go; we didn’t know be­yond that. So I was look­ing for­ward to tak­ing her where no­body thought she’d go. Or be as vul­ner­a­ble as she was. And as driven, still, by fury dur­ing the whole thing.

Who do you think that Cer­sei hates the most? I think it’s Tyrion. I think she ad­mires her father and Tyrion for their wits but I think she de­spises both of them also. And she wants to be Jaime, some­where in the mix of all that. She doesn’t re­spect Mar­gaery enough to re­ally dis­like her. She re­spects Tyrion enough to hate him.

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