“Com­ing Back Was Nerve-Wrack­ing…”


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Set the scene for Bran as we be­gin sea­son six…

We’ve been away from him for some­where be­tween the space of six months and a year, I think, an amount of time in which he’s been hon­ing his skills as a Greenseer and as a Warg. Well, now he’s mov­ing away from the Warg­ing and into other things, more into how he can chan­nel the power of the Weir­wood tree to be able to see into the past and the fu­ture. The Three- Eyed Raven is sort of the king of that and he’s try­ing to teach Bran what he can use it for and where it’ll go.

Give us a hint of what he can do with the vi­sions…

Pretty much all he can do is just see and look at events of the past and learn from them. But Bran has ob­vi­ously got other ideas be­cause in the vi­sions he can see things that re­mind him of hap­pier times. He ob­vi­ously wants to stay in there for­ever but the Three- Eyed Raven is say­ing no he can’t be­cause then you’re in real trou­ble. But there’s also a slight sense ev­ery now and again that Bran might be able to in­ter­act with th­ese past fig­ures and char­ac­ters through th­ese vi­sions – we’re not quite sure.

What was it like for you com­ing back to the set af­ter hav­ing been away last sea­son?

I’d lit­er­ally not been on a set for a whole year so com­ing back on to the

Game Of Thrones set was nervewrack­ing. Also, be­tween sea­son four and sea­son six the show had got that much more mas­sive so I was think­ing, “God, can I still re­mem­ber how to do this?” I think the first day I was pretty bad, look­ing back, I have to say! But more than any­thing it was nice to see ev­ery­one again. A lot of peo­ple I hadn’t seen since sea­son four so it was great to catch up.

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