“I’ve Never Seen Him As A Bad Guy”


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How does Jaime re­act when he gets back to King’s Land­ing and finds out that Cer­sei has been made to do the Walk of Shame?

He’s not happy at all! If he could he would just go in and deal with it in a very swift way in his usual man­ner. But there are quite a lot of Spar­rows in King’s Land­ing now. Ev­ery­thing has changed since he went to Dorne. He’ll never go back there again. Now I’m just try­ing to help my sis­ter, but hav­ing come back from Dorne with her dead daugh­ter it takes a bit of time for them to get back on track.

What’s next for the Lan­nis­ters?

We’re try­ing to come up with a plan and try­ing to build new al­liances. Af­ter Ty­win died we’re very weak as a fam­ily. We might have the big­gest army but we also have the big­gest debt and of course the king is very young and he is eas­ily per­suaded by his wife. Who’s also in a bit of a sit­u­a­tion.

Do you think Tom­men knows Jaime’s his father?

He’s def­i­nitely heard the ru­mours but it’s kind of an un­spo­ken se­cret in a weird way. They still have to pre­tend.

Do you see Jaime as one of the good guys now?

I’ve never seen him as a bad guy. I’ve seen him do some hor­ri­ble things but he’d do any­thing to pro­tect his loved ones. Even if that in­cluded push­ing a lit­tle boy out of a win­dow. Re­demp­tion is an in­ter­est­ing theme. It’s all in the eye of the be­holder. Re­mem­ber that in sea­son one the first thing we saw Ned Stark do was to take the head off that kid whose big­gest crime was he ran away from the Night’s Watch. Be­cause he was just re­ally, re­ally scared. That was deemed honourable to take off his head? Good guy, bad guy, it changes all the time.

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