Sam J Jones and Melody An­der­son will al­ways have Mongo

SFX - - Gordon ’s alive! - Nick Setch­field

Flash Gor­don was a huge break for you. Was there pres­sure on two unknowns to shoul­der a block­buster?

Melody We had no idea it was go­ing to be a block­buster. When you’re an ac­tor and you’re start­ing you’re just happy to get a job. There was just some­thing very unique and spe­cial about the movie that caught peo­ple. It was the magic, the comic book colours, the char­ac­ters… and of course we had such an amaz­ing de­sign team.

Sam I was just fo­cused on my task at hand. Shoot this scene, now go re­hearse. Go to a dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tion, go to a dif­fer­ent set, go learn to use the bull­whip, go re­hearse that fight scene… It just didn’t stop, the ma­chine.

Melody I had more time, and one of the things I in­jected into the script was that Dale was a fighter, be­cause she’s a New York City girl, right? Not only was she a fighter and a ro­man­tic but she also had this off­beat sense of hu­mour.

Your “14 hours” line was a gift, surely?

Melody Oh yes, and mean­while Brian Blessed’s giv­ing me pats on the butt while I’m try­ing to say it. So I had to laugh the whole time.

It’s quite a kinky film, isn’t it?

Melody If that’s where your mind is. And, you know, you’re over the age of nine…

There’s re­cently been talk of a se­quel to

Flash Gor­don…

Sam Matthew Reilly, the VP of pro­duc­tion at Fox Stu­dios, bought the rights. It’s been in de­vel­op­ment at Fox for a year and a half. The rea­son I think it’s go­ing to come to fruition is be­cause of his per­sonal touch, and what it did to him – it im­pacted his life, along with Seth McFarlane and a lot of peo­ple. I be­lieve it’ll hap­pen.

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