the top 5 deadly dop­pel gangers!

Not all of Sarah Man­ning’s sis­ters are benev­o­lent. ( Hello, Rachel!) But she’s not alone in deal­ing with du­plic­i­tous dou­bles…

SFX - - Orphan black -

vampire wil­low

Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s bestie took a trip to the goth side in two mem­o­rable episodes that fore­shad­owed her Big Bad turn in the show’s sixth sea­son, and re­sulted in her sig­na­ture catch­phrase “Bored now.”

mir­ror spock

For­ever ce­ment­ing an evil twin’s trade­marks as dark goa­tee and ’ tache, the Mir­ror Uni­verse’s Spock was ul­ti­mately con­vinced by our own uni­verse’s Cap­tain Kirk that wicked­ness was il­log­i­cal.


The Man of Steel’s im­per­fect du­pli­cate has threat­ened Me­trop­o­lis count­less times since his first ap­pear­ance in 1958. But he’s of­ten de­feated through the one feel­ing he shares with Su­per­man — an at­trac­tion to Lois Lane.

kather­ine pierce

The Vampire

Di­aries’ great­est vil­lain through its early sea­sons was Elena’s much less in­hib­ited un­dead ringer, re­spon­si­ble for turn­ing her boyfriends, Stefan and Da­mon Salvatore, into vamp heart­throbs.


Sure, Michael Knight him­self was hon­oured with an evil twin brother in ’ 80s cheese­fest

Knight Rider, but his car KITT got the cooler dark dou­ble in KARR, voiced by auto- act­ing ex­pert Peter Cullen, aka Trans­form­ers’s Op­ti­mus Prime.

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