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UFO’s un­mis­tak­able mis­sile- loaded de­sign clas­sic

Al­though the An­der­sons were in pur­suit of mak­ing more so­phis­ti­cated films, they were still happy to pur­sue kids’ mer­chan­dis­ing. One of the be­stremem­bered toys from the se­ries was the Dinky Moon­base In­ter­cep­tor. Mike Trim re­calls the ve­hi­cle’s de­sign: “I wanted to give them a fac­tory- built ap­pear­ance and to look uni­form. I saw a script that said, ‘ The In­ter­cep­tor fires its mis­sile and turns away.’ I thought, ‘ If there’s only one mis­sile it’s go­ing to have to be fairly size­able and im­pres­sive. I put the mis­sile at the front of a small cock­pit. The mo­tor was at the end and the whole thing sat on land­ing legs. This time, Derek didn’t like what I’d done. He kept the mis­siles and the legs, but stream­lined the whole de­sign.”

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