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re­leased OUT NOW! 2015 | 15 | DVD

It’s not of­ten you can crit­i­cise a film for not be­ing found footage, but Man Vs is that rare case. Doug ( Chris Dia­man­topou­los) is film­ing his own low- bud­get sur­vival­ist TV show. Alone with his cam­eras, he finds him­self be­ing stalked by an un­seen preda­tor... but is the crea­ture not of this Earth?

It’s the ideal set- up for some shaky­cam shenani­gans, but in­stead Man Vs plays it straight – and bor­ing. Some­times, less is more, and here the com­pe­tent cam­er­a­work ac­tu­ally un­der­mines the scares. Shame.

Ex­tras None. Sarah Dobbs

Less Bear Grylls, more Bore Grylls.

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