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In Scot­tish gothic hor­ror THE OWLMAN ( DVD, out now) a man’s plagued by night­mares about an owl- headed fig­ure af­ter in­her­it­ing a fam­ily es­tate in the High­lands. A slow- burn­ing, at­mo­spheric film which blends Love­craft, an­cient folk­lore and Bi­bil­i­cal ref­er­ences, it may ap­peal to fans of The In­no­cents and The Wicker Man. Blum­house Pro­duc­tions are be­hind SOUTH OF HELL SEA­SON ONE ( DVD, out now). This eight- part su­per­nat­u­ral thriller se­ries stars Mena Su­vari as a free­lance ex­or­cist who her­self har­bours a de­mon. South Carolina is an in­ter­est­ing set­ting, so it’s a shame about the over- writ­ten di­a­logue, wooden per­for­mances, lack of scares, and gen­eral generic feel. Stick with Su­per­nat­u­ral. The lat­est DC Uni­verse an­i­mated movie, BAT­MAN: BAD BLOOD ( Blu- ray, out now), is a se­quel to 2015’ s Bat­man Vs Robin. For much of the du­ra­tion Bat­man’s side­lined, ap­par­ently killed in an ex­plo­sion. Nightwing dons the Bat­suit in his stead and teams with Batwoman and Bat- son Damian Wayne to in­ves­ti­gate his dis­ap­pear­ance. If you like your Bat- sto­ries ac­tion­packed but light on ac­tual Bat­man, you’ll be happy… Fi­nally in THE MON­STER CHRON­I­CLES: TIKTIK ( DVD, out now) a Filipino guy must pro­tect his preg­nant girl­friend as her fam­ily home is be­sieged by Aswang – shapeshift­ing crea­tures from Philip­pines folk­lore with a taste for ba­bies. It’s a sim­ple, comic book- y tale which blends com­edy, ac­tion and hor­ror, to campily ap­peal­ing ef­fect. Only ropey CGI mon­sters ( this is the first Filipino film shot us­ing green­screen) let the side down.

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