The Leg­end Of Zelda: Twi­light Princess HD

Wolf down a se­cond help­ing

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Time is cruel to us all, but es­pe­cially so to videogames. This is why HD re­makes tend to be re­served for fan favourites; the rose- tinted glasses do most of the work. But Twi­light Princess, while crit­i­cally loved and a sales suc­cess, is the black sheep of the Zelda fam­ily. With­out Wind Waker’s charm, can this re­visit serve up any­thing more than a waste­land?

HD ports are of­ten re­served for set- in- stone clas­sics, serv­ing sim­ply to re­in­force what we al­ready knew. Our last­ing mem­ory of Twi­light Princess was of its weaker el­e­ments, the dour­ness and the un­steady first steps; but re­play­ing it re­minds us that the game is much more than this. What strikes us now is the magic of the place: a world where a horse- rid­ing hero can be­come a lupine steed to his own imp­ish jockey ( your side­kick, Midna, takes great plea­sure ex­ploit­ing your wolf form), where spir­its of an­cient war­riors are sum­moned by howl­ing at the moon, and where dark things brew in re­mote moun­tain re­treats. Wind Waker HD may bring us more nos­tal­gic com­fort, but redis­cov­er­ing one of the weirder Zel­das is a thrill. Matthew Cas­tle

Care­ful with that Ganon­dorf Ami­ibo: tap­ping him on the gamepad dou­bles the dam­age you take.

Link learns new at­tacks, and needs ’ em!

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