Agent Carter

Peggy goes to Hol­ly­wood

SFX: The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Magazine - - Viewscreen - Jayne Nelson

UK Broad­cast Fox UK, un­til 31 March

US Broad­cast ABC, fin­ished

Episodes Re­viewed 2.01- 2.10

Here’s a fa­mil­iar sen­tence for read­ers of SFX: at time of writ­ing, the fate of this show is un­cer­tain. In fact, there’s a good chance Agent Carter won’t be back af­ter this se­cond sea­son; Hay­ley Atwell has been cast in a new pi­lot and while she’s said “ABC has as­sured me that it would be ac­tu­ally pos­si­ble to do both,” the signs are not good. Much of this year also aired in dou­ble- episode chunks, as though the net­work was rac­ing to get it over with. Aban­don hope, all ye who watch this.

Still, at least we got two won­der­ful years. And if any­thing Agent Carter’s se­cond sea­son is even bet­ter than the first: with all that in­fu­ri­at­ing sex­ism out of the way now she’s proved her­self to be a solid SSR Agent, Peggy has moved to Hol­ly­wood to fight evil us­ing Howard Stark’s man­sion as her base and his but­ler as her side­kick. Not only is the new lo­ca­tion re­fresh­ing ( at least the show can be hon­est about be­ing filmed in Cal­i­for­nia and not New York now), the Carter/ Jarvis dou­ble act is one of the warm­est, loveli­est part­ner­ships on TV.

Which brings us to an­other of Agent Carter’s de­lights: the cast­ing. Last sea­son Jarvis’s wife was an in­vis­i­ble pres­ence rather like Arthur Da­ley’s “’ er in­doors”, but now we get to meet – and fall in love – with her, in the form of Lotte Ver­beek. Then there’s Ja­son Wilkes ( Reg­gie Austin), who from his very first scene ra­di­ates charm and be­comes a be­liev­able source of at­trac­tion for Peggy – who nat­u­rally al­ways puts her job first. Wynn Everett also shines as the Hol­ly­wood glam­our­puss with a se­cret pen­chant for nu­clear re­search. All the ac­tors seem to be hav­ing the time of their lives, prob­a­bly be­cause they’re work­ing with such en­er­getic scripts – the di­a­logue, ac­tion and plot­ting are all as lively as the flamingo poor Jarvis keeps try­ing to catch in Howard’s gar­dens.

Agent Carter is, above all else, fun, and at its midst stands Atwell’s in­domitable, for­mi­da­ble and ul­ti­mately adorable Peggy... who, as we know, will con­tinue her work for gen­er­a­tions to come. At least we were lucky enough to spy on some of it, eh?

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