He’s the most sen­si­tive man alive...

SFX - - Viewscreen - Joseph McCabe

UK Broad­cast Sky 1, Tues­days

US Broad­cast The CW, Tues­days

Episodes Re­viewed 2.01- 2.14

BARRY ALLEN ( VO) My name is Barry Allen. I am the Flash. I hunted down the man who killed my mother, but in do­ing so I opened up our world to new threats that could kill ev­ery mother on the planet… Er, sorry.

DR CAITLIN SNOW Al­though Barry is a foren­sic sci­en­tist, he’s not smart enough to de­velop his pow­ers on his own. So he gets help from us here at STAR Labs. We’re plenty smart.

BARRY ALLEN You’re just not smart enough to lock the front door of your su­per high- tech, multi- bil­lion- dol­lar fa­cil­ity. Any ran­dom ci­ti­zen of Cen­tral City can walk in here and learn my se­cret iden­tity.

JAY GAR­RICK Not just any ran­dom ci­ti­zen… As the Flash of Earth- Two, I’m here to help Barry de­feat Zoom, the vil­lain who stole my speed and now seeks to steal his.

DR HAR­RI­SON WELLS You’ll help him un­til I re­turn to the show, and then you’ll be made im­me­di­ately re­dun­dant – MR GUEST STAR.

DR CAITLIN SNOW Don’t worry, Jay. You can be my new boyfriend. It’s been al­most two weeks since my hus­band and soul mate Ron­nie Ray­mond died in the sin­gu­lar­ity that Barry cre­ated over our city.

It’s din­ner time at the WEST fam­ily home.

IRIS WEST I used to look af­ter and help my so­cially awk­ward step­brother Barry. But now that he’s a speed­ster, there’s not much left for me to do in this town. JOE WEST Well, worry no longer, now you have an­other brother you can help, Iris – your long lost sib­ling Wally West!

WALLY WEST I like rac­ing cars. Speed is ev­ery­thing to me. You might say there’s not much more to my per­son­al­ity.

IRIS WEST Yup, there’s ab­so­lutely no chance that Wally could also be­come a speed­ster. No fore­shad­ow­ing here. None.

Some­where on Earth- Two...

BARRY ALLEN Why does Cisco get all of the best lines while all I do is fol­low or­ders from Team Flash, run around a bit, and cry tears ev­ery week?

CISCO RA­MON Be­cause we’ve seen what hap­pens when this show tries to give other char­ac­ters snappy one- lin­ers.

KILLER FROST Hello, gen­tle­men! Ready to cool off? Have time to chill out? I’ve got an “ice” day planned for us!

CISCO RA­MON Has some­one been watch­ing Bat­man & Robin?

Bary [ sighs] THIS is what hap­pens when our most in­ter­est­ing vil­lain is such a fan- favourite char­ac­ter that he gets his very own spin- off show... I miss Cap­tain Cold.

Mean­while, on DC’S LEG­ENDS OF TO­MOR­ROW... Cap­tain Cold [ Shak­ing his head

and scoff­ing at the ab­sur­di­ties of this week’s plot] I can’t be­lieve I left THE FLASH for this... God help me, I miss Barry.

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