Pop quiz, hot­shots! Lit­er­ally a pop quiz

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Know your sci- fi mu­sic? Try our quiz to find out.

ques­tion 1

James T Kirk loves the Beastie Boys – but which of their songs ref­er­ences Spock and the Vul­can nerve pinch?

ques­tion 2

Which ’ 70s rock star played Par­son Nathaniel on Jeff Wayne’s Mu­si­cal Ver­sion Of The War Of The Worlds? a) David Es­sex b) Steve Har­ley c) Phil Lynott

ques­tion 3

1969 hit “In The Year 2525” fore­told a doomy fu­ture for mankind, filled with pills, ma­chines and ge­netic engi­neer­ing. Who were the pop prophets be­hind the song?

ques­tion4 pic­ture ques­tion

Which Blondie song told of a man from Mars with a taste for eat­ing cars – and hu­man be­ings?

ques­tion 5

The Car­pen­ters’ “Call­ing Oc­cu­pants Of In­ter­plan­e­tary Craft” was orig­i­nally by Klaatu. From which clas­sic ’ 50s SF movie did they take their name?

ques­tion 6

Wil­liam Shat­ner was “burn­ing out his fuse up there alone” cov­er­ing which El­ton John song?

ques­tion 7

Name the Hot Choco­late hit that told of a close en­counter of the third kind.

ques­tion 8

Which Doc­tor Who star re­leased the sin­gle “Who Is The Doc­tor” on Deep Pur­ple’s record la­bel?

ques­tion 9 pic­ture ques­tion

Who was David Bowie’s de­tec­tive al­ter ego on 1. Out­side?

ques­tion 10

Which rock icon stars in 1992’ s time- travel tale Free­jack?

ques­tion 11

Who gave us 1962 hor­ror nov­elty song “Mon­ster Mash”?

ques­tion 12

Name the fu­ture Grease star who ap­peared in 1970’ s groovy SF mu­si­cal Toomor­row.

ques­tion 13

Who were the noughties boy band who used a flux ca­pac­i­tor to visit the year 3000?

ques­tion 14

An­thrax and the Hu­man League had songs about Judge Dredd that shared the same ti­tle. What was it?

ques­tion 15

Which planet were Swedish hair- rock­ers Europe head­ing to in 1986 hit “The Fi­nal Count­down”?

ques­tion 17 ques­tion 16 pic­ture ques­tion

Name the Afro­fu­tur­ist band who ex­trav­a­gantly de­clared “We have re­turned to claim the pyra­mids” in 1975’ s “Moth­er­ship Con­nec­tion”? Which Brit SF author fre­quently col­lab­o­rated with Hawk­wind?

ques­tion 18

Name the Glas­gow art- punk band that fea­tured Peter Ca­paldi.

ques­tion 19 pic­ture ques­tion

This ter­ri­fy­ing mil­i­tary ex­per­i­ment turned up in the video for which Kate Bush song?

ques­tion 20

What was the name of Queen’s end cred­its track on Flash Gor­don? Hero” The “20 IV” Ex­per­i­ment “19 Dream­boys The 18 Moor­cock Michael 17 Funkadelic 16 Venus 15 Law” The Am I “14 Busted 13 John New­tonOlivia 12 Kickers Crypt- the and Pick­ett Boris” “Bobby 11 Jag­ger Mick 10 Adler Nathan 9 Per­twee Jon 8 It” About Doubt No “7 Man” Rocket “6 Still Stood Earth The Day The 5 Rap­ture” “4 Evans and Zager 3 Lynott Phil c) 2 In­ter­ga­lac­tic” “1 An­swers

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