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SFX - - First contact -

M Lussier I would love to see the com­plete and ut­ter ab­sence of Shia LeMutt. Cor­nelius Kar­nak Nazis. John Gray I’d like the fi­nal In­di­ana Jones to be shot us­ing the same film as the older films, with no CGI un­less it is truly nec­es­sary – in the style of Mad Max. It should have a su­per­nat­u­ral relic as its McGuf­fin, no sci- fi. Go light on the “old guy” jokes – there were plenty in Crys­tal Skull. As with Han Solo, Indy shouldn’t be a grumpier ver­sion of the char­ac­ter we love, he should just be Indy. Ac­knowl­edge his age but don’t harp on about it.

PM Low­don Har­ri­son Ford proved he could still do Han Solo so I reckon he can still do Indy. I think…

Shaun Wat­son A new fa­ther- son movie that ig­nores Crys­tal Skull would be cool – and at least get the right cast­ing this time.

Medium Atomic Un­like with Bond I can’t imag­ine the fran­chise work­ing with­out Ford, so by the time 2019 comes round I’m hop­ing Indy stum­bles across a time por­tal trans­port­ing him to the present day where he can dis­cover such valu­able trea­sures as mo­bil­ity scoot­ers and stairlifts.

Claire Steven­son Don’t pre­tend he’s still in his fifties – this has to be a movie about an old man.

Dar­rell “Daz” Preece Have Ford be the grand­fa­ther who leads his son and grand­son in search of the stolen Ark of the Covenant. Then have Sean Con­nery ap­pear as the great- grand­fa­ther who gets in the way. [ Er, didn’t they say that Henry Jones Sr had died be­fore the events of Crys­tal Skull? And isn’t the Ark still in a box in Area 51? – Ed]

Chris­tine Bar­ley No Shia, no aliens – that sums it up!

Robert Minty Sigh. Can’t Steven Spiel­berg turn his tal­ents to some­thing brand new, and not just rehash an old favourite? If not, I’d pre­fer to see Duel 2!

Darth Sean No Shia LaBeouf for starters, no fridges and no damn alien in­volve­ment!

Steven Adams For it not to be made – af­ter the last one they should just leave it alone.

Michael Van Kesteren At­lantis!

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