For The Horde!

Toby Kebbell goes green

SFX - - Warcraft the beginning -

Who is Durotan?

I’m the chief of the Frost­wolf Clan. Our world isn’t liv­ing as well as it was. I take my preg­nant, ex­pect­ing wife to find a new homeland be­cause there’s noth­ing to hunt, there’s noth­ing to eat. Gul’dan, he’s all in on this fel magic, say­ing “this is what we all have to do, this is how we’ll all sur­vive”. I’m less con­vinced.

How did you learn to play an Orc? Was it dif­fi­cult?

As an ac­tor your process is to find the voice and to find a walk. The Orc walk was brought to us by Terry No­tary, who set us through a short pe­riod of school. It’s like, you tie a tie around your waist, and you let it drag be­tween your legs to keep your cen­tre of grav­ity low. The voice came when they showed us the an­i­ma­tion of Robert Kazin­sky as an Orc. We were both like, “So we have to over­act?” [ laughs]

What are the big­gest chal­lenges of play­ing a mo­tion cap­ture char­ac­ter in films like this?

It’s much more than mo­tion cap­ture now. It is a per­for­mance. If that per­for­mance isn’t there, they can’t do any­thing with it. You have to stay alive be­cause once the model goes dead, there’s noth­ing.

Did you have to learn Or­cish?

We have mo­ments of Orc lan­guage. There are mo­ments where me and [ Garona] are hav­ing a con­ver­sa­tion and she’s a trans­la­tor. But we haven’t been study­ing Or­cish. We ac­tu­ally haven’t shot it yet, so it’s not clear what we’re go­ing to do. But def­i­nitely, we are from two dif­fer­ent worlds.

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