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Bat­man’s lost a Robin – but which one? The me­mo­rial suit in the Bat­cave is daubed with the Joker’s graf­fiti, nod­ding to 1988’ s in­fa­mous comic book tale A Death In The Fam­ily, which saw the crime clown slaugh­ter Ja­son Todd, Dick Grayson’s re­place­ment. Could we see flash­backs to the Boy Won­der’s demise in Sui­cide Squad?

The desert dream se­quence finds the Dark Knight fight­ing Pa­rademons, the troop­ers of Dark­seid, war­mon­ger­ing ruler of the planet Apokolips ( we glimpse his omega sym­bol too). The Big Bad of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World mythol­ogy, Dark­seid brings a truly cos­mic scale of threat to DC’s screen uni­verse.

There’s more con­nec­tive tis­sue to the Fourth World in our glimpse of Cy­borg’s ori­gin. Vic­tor Stone’s trans­for­ma­tion into a man- ma­chine utilises a Mother Box, a sen­tient piece of tech that ac­cesses the power of the Source ( Kirby’s equiv­a­lent of the Force).

Yes, that’s Chris Pine as Steve Trevor in the vin­tage pho­to­graph of Won­der Woman, cue­ing up her WW1- set solo movie in 2017. Will we see the events that com­pelled her to aban­don hu­man­ity for al­most a cen­tury? “I’ve killed things from other worlds be­fore,” she tells us – an­other hint?

In a vi­sion, Su­per­man blames Bat­man for the loss of “her” – Lois Lane, we imag­ine, given the Flash’s warn­ing that the Daily Planet jo ur no is the key to this hazily de­fined fu­ture ar­maged­don. The scar­let speed­ster’s cameo here re­calls his des­per­ate dash through time in 1986’ s Cri­sis On In­fi­nite Earths. Su­per­man blam­ing Bat­man for Lois’s death was a key plot point in videogame and comic se­ries In­jus­tice: Gods Among Us.

Are we re­ally do­ing The Death Of Su­per­man al­ready? It feels un­earned, given this is only Cav­ill’s sec­ond shot at the role. If the films stick to DC con­ti­nu­ity we’re in for a take on Reign Of The Su­per­men, which saw four pre­tenders at­tempt to re­place the Man of Steel.

Lex’s prison num­ber is 167TK. Is­sue 167 of Su­per­man saw su­pervil­lains unite in “The Team Of Luthor And Brainiac!” – just a co­in­ci­dence?

“He’s com­ing and he’s hun­gry!” warns Lex. But who? Dark­seid? Brainiac? Mat­ter- Eater Lad from the Le­gion of Su­per­heroes?

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