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EAR- LEIA One of the more in­ter­est­ing deleted scenes reveals that Gen­eral Or­gana was orig­i­nally sup­posed to be in­tro­duced in the film ear­lier, learn­ing of the Jakku mas­sacre. But her ar­rival on Tako­dana had more emo­tional heft given her re­union with Han Solo.

CAR­RIE ON In a typ­i­cal mo­ment of hon­esty from Se­crets Of The Force Awak­ens, Car­rie Fisher ad­mits she made mis­takes on her first day be­cause she was so ner­vous to re­turn to the char­ac­ter.

REY OF LIGHT Find­ing Rey was the cru­cial part of cast­ing, and JJ Abrams ad­mits that he was wor­ried about find­ing some­one. But Daisy Ri­d­ley blew ev­ery­one away with her au­di­tion – we see a snip­pet of it in Se­crets Of The Force Awak­ens.

PEGGED OUT In Cre­at­ing Crea­tures, Si­mon Pegg says that his char­ac­ter, Unkar Plutt, re­quired a suit that was “wor­ry­ingly hot” when shoot­ing in Abu Dhabi, but he put up with his “sil­i­cone prison” be­cause of the chance to be in Star Wars.

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