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re­leased 2 MAY 2015 | 18 | Blu- ray/ DVD

Di­rec­tor Takashi Mi­ike Cast Yayan Ruhian, Mio Yûki, Rirî Fu­rankî, Kanata Hon­gou

Be­cause Takashi Mi­ike’s oeu­vre is so wildly var­ied, in­di­vid­ual projects are hard to pre­dict. Are we get­ting Au­di­tion, 13 As­sas­sins, Fu­doh or Ze­bra­man? In the case of Yakuza Apoc­a­lypse, it’s all four. And then some.

It fol­lows a low- level Yakuza, Kageyama, who’s pro­moted when his dy­ing boss turns him into a vam­pire. The boss was kindly, in­sist­ing on tar­get­ing fel­low gang­sters and pro­tect­ing civil­ians where pos­si­ble. But when Kageyama starts break­ing the rules, all hell breaks loose…

The first 20 min­utes feel like Mi­ike’s play­ing it rel­a­tively straight, with vam­piric el­e­ments present but min­i­malised. Then a new char­ac­ter’s in­tro­duced, and all bets are off.

Fea­tur­ing a lead an­tag­o­nist who looks like Kermit crossed with Big Bird, a hench­man Kappa goblin with a green beak and bad BO, and The Raid’s Yayan Ruhian as a geeky tourist with kung fu skills, it veers be­tween po- faced se­ri­ous­ness and wide- eyed mania.

You’ll ei­ther adore or ab­hor the tonal in­con­sis­ten­cies, but if The Leg­end Of The Seven Golden Vam­pires is in your DVD col­lec­tion, this might be your ul­ti­mate Mi­ike movie.

Ex­tras Trailer. Sam Ashurst

Mi­ike in­tro­duced Apoc­a­lypse at Cannes in 2015. Dressed in geisha drag, he promised to re­tire from vi­o­lent films.

“My tats are bet­ter than yours!”

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