A trou­bled re­birth

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re­leased 9 May 2015 | 15 | Blu- ray/ DVD

Cre­ator Tim Kring Cast Jack Cole­man, Zachary Levi, Rob­bie Kay, Kiki Sukezane

When Heroes Re­born first aired, the show’s mak­ers also pro­duced a six- part found- footage web se­ries called Dark Mat­ters. It’s in­cluded on this re­lease – and it’s the best thing about it.

At least it does some­thing dif­fer­ent with the fran­chise. Heroes Re­born, how­ever, is the same old same old. There are new char­ac­ters, sure, and a new sto­ry­line about hu­mans and su­per- pow­ered “Evos” try­ing to live to­gether in har­mony. Other than that, this minis­eries res­o­lutely fails to ac­knowl­edge that mul­ti­ple shows and films – Al­phas, Sense8, The Avengers, the sec­ond X- Men tril­ogy – have all moved the genre on since Heroes first launched. Its first se­ries was rev­o­lu­tion­ary; Heroes Re­born looks like some­thing we’ve seen many, many times be­fore.

Based on an epi­cally bloated and con­se­quently re­sound­ingly hol­low premise about a BIG EVIL COR­PO­RA­TION ma­nip­u­lat­ing Evos for its own ends, Heroes Re­born fails to bring back the orig­i­nal char­ac­ters you’d most like to see ( Sy­lar, Claire, Peter) and gives roles that are barely more than lip- ser­vice cameos to many oth­ers ( Hiro, Park­man, Mo­hin­der), while try­ing to force you to care about a next gen­er­a­tion of Evos who suf­fer from hav­ing no ex­cit­ing new pow­ers to mark them out. Or de­cently writ­ten char­ac­ters. Only Noah Ben­net re­turns for a ma­jor role, and he ap­pears to be ill- at- ease through­out.

There are some im­pres­sive vi­su­als, a few good ac­tion set­pieces and oc­ca­sional wry mo­ments of self- ref­er­enc­ing hu­mour, but over­all this is a bland, half- hearted, not- very- heroic fail­ure that makes the end of the world feel im­mensely pon­der­ous.

Ex­tras The afore­men­tioned web se­ries Dark Mat­ters ( 41 min­utes), which is good fun; “Re­liv­ing The Legacy” ( 10 min­utes) – mostly clips plus cast and crew telling you how great the show is; 15 deleted scenes ( 16 min­utes). Dave Golder

Part of the se­ries takes place 7,957 years into the fu­ture. Showrun­ner Tim Kring was born on 7/ 9/ 57 ( in US- style date or­der).

The de­liv­ery boy never for­got the Pepsi again.

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