Meet Clary The De­mon Slayer

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UK Broad­cast Net­flix, fin­ished US Broad­cast Freeform, fin­ished Episodes Re­viewed 1.01- 1.10

A blonde red­head walks through the night­time streets of Sun­ny­dale New York when she is at­tacked by a vam­pire de­mon. But she un­ex­pect­edly fights back and de­feats the crea­ture, for she is CLARY THE DE­MON SLAYER.

En­ter geeky guy.

SI­MON Bu… Sorry, Clary, are you alright?

CLARY I can han­dle my­self, Xan… Si­mon. Ever since I’ve be­come the Cho­sen, erm, Shad­owhunter, killing demons is just peachy. How are you han­dling be­ing a vam­pire?

SI­MON Cool. Do fancy me now?

CLARY Eeeewwwww, no, nerd boy. I’m no fang­banger.

SI­MON Psssst – that’s True

Blood. We can’t rip that one off too…

CLARY [ Look­ing at the body of the de­mon] What do you think it was af­ter?

SI­MON The Mor­tal Cup, of course. Ev­ery­one in this show is af­ter the Mor­tal Cup. The vam­pires, the were­wolves, the war­locks, the Women’s In­sti­tute, In­di­ana Jones…

CLARY It is, af­ter all, the ONE ORIG­I­NAL IDEA.

SI­MON Well, I wouldn’t go that far…

Later at the SHAD­OWHUNTER HQ, lots of teens in leathers cross their arms and frown.

JACE I think Clary is the key to every­thing.

ALEC I think she’s an ir­ri­tat­ing cliché. IZZY Will you quit squab­bling?!

ALEC It’s not fair! I want a bro­mance, but Jace just thinks I stare at him ador­ingly be­cause he thinks every­body stares at him ador­ingly.

En­ter CLARY. Every­body crosses their arms.

CLARY Any­one lo­cated my evil dad yet?

JACE No, but let me give you loads more ex­po­si­tion about how he’s an evil rogue Shad­owhunter while giv­ing you a few foot­notes about Seel­ies 1 along the way, be­cause world- build­ing in this show is 90% info- dump­ing.

Demons burst in…

JACE How did they get past our de­fences?

CLARY I must have left the front door open.

ALEC Girls.

MAG­NUS does big fish, lit­tle fish, then pur­ple light erupts from his fingers and de­stroys the demons.

MAG­NUS Done and dusted.

CLARY Hey, dusted! Isn’t that from…?

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