SFX - - First contact -

Neil Hick­man Sa­man­tha Mul­der wasn’t the vic­tim of a se­rial killer [ SFX 269]! That was teased in sea­son four’s “Pa­per Hearts” but Tom Noo­nan’s creepy killer was fak­ing Mul­der out. Sa­man­tha was ab­ducted by aliens but re­turned to the Cig­a­rette Smok­ing Man and raised along­side Jef­frey Spender.

Peter Smith, Face­book Re: In­di­ana Jones. It’s al­ways made me laugh that some peo­ple have a prob­lem with King­dom Of The Crys­tal Skull and the “aliens”, but they have no prob­lem at all with a “weapon from God” or a “cup of im­mor­tal­ity”. I know which I think is more cred­i­ble.

SFX You will be­come a true be­liever… [ laughs like Mola Ram, rips still- beat­ing heart from chest, reaches for Wet- Wipes].

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