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What were your thoughts when you first saw the script for Preacher’s pi­lot?

I was ter­ri­fied of it, ac­tu­ally. I mean, I was so des­per­ate to have some­thing to do with this project. Then I saw the comics and ab­so­lutely loved them. And then I met Seth, Evan and Sam, and they were the strangest peo­ple I’ve ever met. They had so many ideas. For some rea­son in that meet­ing they saw some­thing in me.

How much of your Jesse did you want to pull from the comic and how much did you cre­ate from your own imag­i­na­tion?

I kept go­ing back to the comics… It’s the hard­est part I’ve ever had to do. I of­ten think, “Am I just be­ing re­ally bor­ing?” I mean Cas­sidy is putting a lamp­shade on his head, he’s cov­ered in blan­kets, and do­ing some­thing. He’s hi­lar­i­ous in ev­ery scene. I just needed to truly be­lieve this man’s ori­gin, his back­ground, where he comes from. There’s a lot of in­for­ma­tion to go on in the comics, and it’s his com­plex­i­ties that I find so in­trigu­ing to cover. Ev­ery day there’s more to dis­cover about him.

How much of the comic have you read?

I’ve read all of them. I’ve got the big chunky books.

The spirit of your Jesse is sim­i­lar to that of the comic’s, even if the man is dif­fer­ent.

He changes quite a lot. He’s very lost in that first episode. There’s a heavy side to him. But it light­ens up very quickly, as you know from the comics. When Gen­e­sis comes he thinks he’s got this won­der­ful power for good. There’s a to­tally dif­fer­ent side to him. Then there’s an episode where he be­comes very cocky and full of him­self and his abil­ity to do th­ese things. But it’s still for the good of the peo­ple that he wants to help.

A preacher who isn’t too preachy.

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