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Is the ro­mance be­tween Tulip and Jesse the ro­mance to end all ro­mances?

Like True Ro­mance? I think it’s bet­ter than that be­cause when have you ever seen a ro­mance that re­flects the ha­tred you can have for some­one you love? The pure ice- blue hate that you can have for some­one you de­sire and want and love at the same time. It’s never as sim­plis­tic as it’s made out to be, is it? I mean, one of my favourite films is the orig­i­nal Bon­nie And Clyde. That kind of taboo – you could lit­er­ally kill some­one. What did you re­spond to in the Preacher comic?

The great thing about Garth [ En­nis] is he will never tie up any­thing in a nice rib­bon and bow. He’ll go, “That’s it. I’ll give you this now. This is not an an­swer. It’s a ques­tion, and it’s a re­ally fas­ci­nat­ing ques­tion. I don’t have the an­swer, and I’m not ex­pect­ing you to have the an­swer. But think about it.” To me, that’s the most in­ter­est­ing thing that comics do. They don’t re­ally tie things up, do they? The good ones. They fuck­ing crack open the re­ally big ques­tions… What is good? What is evil? Who is good? Who is evil? It’s not straight down the line. Su­per­heroes are al­ways or­phans aren’t they? They’re al­ways bro­ken chil­dren. That’s lovely. There’s some­thing re­ally lovely about [ the idea that] none of us are ir­re­deemable. How of­ten is Garth there on set?

He’s never there. But he sees every­thing, and he oc­ca­sion­ally will give you his bless­ing. Which is like be­ing blessed by the Pope [ laughs]. He’s a quiet, gen­tle man with a deep, deep mind. If you could be any other comic char­ac­ter be­side Tulip, who would it be and why?

I would def­i­nitely be Cat­woman. Be­cause Eartha Kitt, she fuck­ing killed it. It was a spe­cial thing when she came on. I just loved that.

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