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James McAvoy

may have adopted Pa­trick Ste­wart’s hair­cut, but he’s ditched his old chair…

What’s Charles’s char­ac­ter arc in Apoc­a­lypse?

He’s in a much more en­thu­si­as­tic and hope­ful place than he was through­out the bulk of the last movie. Now, how do you show char­ac­ter pro­gres­sion then? You can’t just go, “He be­lieves again – but by the end of the movie, he doesn’t again.” So what do you do? Where we take him by the end of the movie is quite an in­ter­est­ing place, be­cause he goes from a place of hope to… I won’t give away what we do, but we warp it a lit­tle bit.

How is his re­la­tion­ship with Erik now?

It’s the same old same old with fuck­ing Erik! It’s like, “Why am I still friends with you? I keep sav­ing your ass, you keep sav­ing my ass. We hang out for 20 min­utes, then you go, ‘ See you dude.’ Then in 10 years, you kill lots of hu­man be­ings. That al­ways hap­pens. I should just cut all ties now!” I act the same way with my guy friends that I did 20 years ago, and that’s what’s kinda cool about Erik and Charles. They still like each other – even if he is a mass- mur­der­ing mu­tant su­prem­a­cist...

Is it frus­trat­ing be­ing in the wheel­chair for the en­tire du­ra­tion of the movie?

I love the wheel­chair, ac­tu­ally. And I’ve got a new wheel­chair – I don’t use Pa­trick’s one in this movie. It’s beau­ti­ful. It’s quicker, it’s more nim­ble, it’s got a tighter turn­ing cir­cle, and I can do a wheelie in it. That’s not even a joke – I can do a front- end wheelie!

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