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Since we last saw Michael Fass­Ben­der’s Erik Lehn­sh­err, he’s set­tled down...

Where do we meet Mag­neto in the ’ 80s?

Well, there was some­thing re­ally in­ter­est­ing in the comics, which was the story of Magda [ Mag­neto’s wife] and I re­ally wanted to ex­plore that; I al­ways thought it was a re­ally fas­ci­nat­ing part of his his­tory. So that’s what we have in this one. Si­mon Kin­berg and I were on a flight to Moscow, and the Magda story was some­thing we dis­cussed on the plane head­ing over. He’s de­cided to dis­ap­pear, es­sen­tially. The last time we saw him was on the White House lawn. Since then, he went into hid­ing, met Magda, and they fell in love and started a fam­ily. He works in a steel fac­tory. But he’s not us­ing his pow­ers. He’s al­most do­ing man­ual labour as a penance. He’s left his world dom­i­na­tion days be­hind him! There’s a re­ally in­ter­est­ing arc for him. It’s very emo­tion­ally an­chored.

Do you ever have mo­ments on set where you sud­denly think, “I can’t be­lieve I’m get­ting paid to do this”?

There are times – I looked at Os­car the other day and we’re both dressed up as su­per­heroes and I was like, “We’re grown men, you re­alise that?” Then I walked back to my trailer with my poly­styrene cof­fee cup and my cape be­hind me blow­ing in the wind! Yeah, there’s an el­e­ment of that. But you’ve got to go for it, be­cause if you don’t then it’s go­ing to fall flat. You just have to re- en­gage the eight- year- old and just let your­self go, and re­ally com­mit.

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