Os­car Isaac on play­ing the X- uni­verse’s first mu­tant

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The name Apoc­a­lypse sug­gests that he’s all about de­struc­tion – but is there more to it than that?

Well, he’s the em­bod­i­ment of the bib­li­cal apoc­a­lypse, and what that’s about is Je­sus Christ re­turn­ing and de­stroy­ing the world, and sav­ing those that es­cape the wrath of God. And re­mem­ber that Apoc­a­lypse doesn’t mean de­struc­tion; it ac­tu­ally means the rev­e­la­tion. It’s to re­veal, to lift back the cur­tain – and that be­came a re­frain. He’s re­veal­ing not only the plan, but re­veal­ing each per­son’s in­di­vid­ual power to them­selves; their full po­ten­tial.

How on earth do you re­search play­ing a role like this? Can you?

I read quite a bit of the Bha­gavad Gita, a lot of the con­ver­sa­tions that Kr­ishna has when he reveals him­self as God. It was fas­ci­nat­ing, cos a lot of that’s about be­ing a war­rior. There’s all th­ese myths we’ve cre­ated through­out time to have an un­der­stand­ing of weird, fun­da­men­tal, pri­mal things. Some di­a­logue ended up get­ting in there from the in­ves­ti­ga­tions Si­mon Kin­berg, Bryan Singer and I were do­ing. There’s a line where Apoc­a­lypse says, “I am born of death.” The idea that God and re­li­gion are born from the rit­u­als around death. One of the things you see as man evolves is that burial sites be­came more com­plex, and those rit­u­als and the ideas of God are linked. It’s pretty dark for a comic book movie, but I re­ally dug ex­plor­ing that!

You’ve worked on Star Wars and this – has ei­ther turned up in your dreams?

Yeah, it all sticks around, ram­bling around in the un­con­scious­ness. I had a dream that Har­ri­son Ford had a back is­sue, and we were walk­ing along and he no­ticed I was walk­ing funny. Then he fixed my back by do­ing weird jump kicks off my shoul­der and head!

That’d prob­a­bly get him in trou­ble with the Health & Safety Ex­ec­u­tive… Hey, I felt great af­ter­wards though!

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