Olivia Munn on “nerd­ing out” the day she got her Psy­locke cos­tume

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Were you fa­mil­iar with the char­ac­ter be­fore you got the role?

I was a fan of Psy­locke for a long time. I’m one of five kids. We all grew up in Ja­pan, on a mil­i­tary base. We’d pool our money to­gether, and my lit­tle brother would buy the X- Men comics. So when Si­mon Kin­berg told me they’d given me Psy­locke, I started go­ing, “Well, you know she’s a twin. Are you go­ing to talk about her be­ing tele­ki­netic and tele­pathic?” He’s like, “She was a twin?!”

Did you have clear ideas about how to play her?

At one point I sent a long email, where I was like, “I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page about how to por­tray Psy­locke.” And it was so long it was like I was writ­ing a his­tor­i­cal back­ground of a real per­son! I was like, “Erm, I to­tally get it if you guys don’t want me in the movie any­more. If I’ve just proven that you’ve lit­er­ally just cast a fan, and you don’t feel safe any­more cos you think she’s gonna nerd out on every­body ev­ery day!”

And did you nerd- out, or did you man­age to con­trol your­self?

My nerd- out phase hap­pened try­ing on the suit. Up un­til the very end, the whole out­fit was black. And I’d asked, “This is go­ing to be pur­ple, right?” But they were short on time cos my char­ac­ter was put in at the very end, right be­fore film­ing. I felt it was very im­por­tant the cos­tume looks iden­ti­cal to the comic books. So I called Bryan Singer, and he’s al­ready read my email, so he knew it was com­ing from a fan. And he said okay. He 100% un­der­stood right away.

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