Five fear­some X- Foes wait­ing for Hol­ly­wood to call…

SFX - - X-men : apocalypse - Nick Setch­field


An en­ergy vam­pire in the form of a hu­manoid pter­a­n­odon – oh, the cool points – Sau­ron lurks in the hid­den prehistoric king­dom known as the Sav­age Land. Hypno- eyes, ra­zor- claws, fire- breath… and the power to ab­sorb the life­force of mu­tants!


The first evil mu­tant Charles Xavier ever en­coun­tered – and the pri­mal threat that con­vinced him to form the X- Men. He’s an an­cient en­tity of pure psy­chic en­ergy, un­leashed upon the as­tral plane by mankind’s first night­mare.


Also known as Pro­teus, the in­sane son of Moira MacTag­gert is one of the dead­li­est, most pow­er­ful mu­tants in the Mar­vel canon. Gifted with the psionic abil­ity to re­shape re­al­ity to his will, he can also pos­sess host bod­ies.


Noth­ing less than the amal­ga­ma­tion of the dark sides of the psy­ches of Pro­fes­sor X and Mag­neto. The Big Bad of an epic 1996 sto­ry­line, this Jun­gian hor­ror was only top­pled by the com­bined might of the Mar­vel Uni­verse.


Spawned from the imag­i­na­tion of high- con­cept king Grant Mor­ri­son, Cas­san­dra’s the un­born twin of Charles Xavier, killed by her brother in a psy­chic bat­tle in the womb. Now a dis­em­bod­ied psy­chic en­tity she has all of Charles’s power, none of his scru­ples.

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