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TRIVIA In “Brian Finch’s Black Op” ( 1.07), the open­ing matches the start of Fer­ris Bueller’s Day Off al­most shot- for- shot, as Brian pre­tends to be poorly to take a day off work.

BEST EPISODE “This Is Your Brian On Drugs” ( 1.11) pits Brian against fel­low NZT- tak­ers – and gives his body­guards and Agent Boyle some­thing to do at last.

DID YOU SPOT? One episode fea­tures a se­rial killer plant­ing an idea in some­one’s brain us­ing surgery, à la In­cep­tion. The mur­derer turns out to be called Nolan Bale. Ged­dit?

IT’S WOSSERNAME! Blair Brown, who plays Brian’s mum, and Ge­orgina Haig, as a fel­low drug- taker, both played reg­u­lar char­ac­ters in Fringe.

BEST MO­MENT The car­toon in­ter­ludes in “Sands, Agents Of Morra” ( 1.16) are great fun, as are the new il­lus­trated ad­di­tions to the open­ing cred­its!

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