Street Fight­ing Man

Stephen Amell takes a break from wield­ing a bow and swings Casey Jones’ hockey stick

SFX - - Red Alert -

How does it feel to be a part of the Tur­tles film uni­verse?

It’s still sort of sur­real. I’m used to im­me­di­ate grat­i­fi­ca­tion. We film an episode of TV and it airs a cou­ple of months later. It’s very strange; be­cause I’d fin­ished sea­son three of Ar­row, I had six days off, I went and filmed Tur­tles, and we wrapped Tur­tles five or six days be­fore I went back for sea­son four. So I can’t fig­ure out if I just filmed it or if I filmed it a decade ago.

Is it bet­ter than the first one?

I’m gonna say ab­so­lutely. It feels like a more fun movie, a big­ger movie, a fun­nier movie, and we are pulling out all the stops in terms of beloved char­ac­ters from the Tur­tles uni­verse. We’ve got Be­bop and Rock­steady, we’ve got Krang, Casey Jones… All the things that peo­ple know and love from the Tur­tles uni­verse I think they’re gonna get in this film.

How would you de­scribe your take on the char­ac­ter of Casey Jones?

We meet him and he is a cor­rec­tions of­fi­cer. He’s never wil­fully bro­ken the law in any ma­jor way. So it’s fun be­cause you get to play him go­ing, “Al­right, I tried to be a cor­rec­tions of­fi­cer. I tried to op­er­ate within the sys­tem. It’s not work­ing for me. So I’m gonna do it dif­fer­ently. I’m gonna take the law into my own hands.” But of course when you first start do­ing that you mess up all the time. And Casey messes up in ways that are funny… There was a dif­fer­ent fight­ing style than I’m used to on Ar­row. He’s a brawler. There’s no el­e­gance or fi­nesse.

Do you have a favourite scene in the film?

There was this one scene that we shot where I’m ques­tion­ing a bar­tender, be­cause I’m look­ing for some peo­ple. And I got to – par­don my lan­guage – to­tally lose my shit in the bar, and just start trash­ing it. If there’s a fun therapeutic thing you’re look­ing to do, I highly sug­gest whip­ping pint glasses at bot­tles of booze. It’s amaz­ing. [Er, SFX doesn’t con­done trash­ing bars, even if you hang out with Ninja Tur­tles – Ed]

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