Beth Lewis

The Au­thor of The Wolf Road on her de­but, a post apoc­a­lyp­tic sur­vival story set in canada

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What can you tell us about the world of The Wolf Road?

The Wolf Road is set in the wilder­ness of post-apoc­a­lyp­tic Bri­tish Columbia. I trav­elled through Canada in my twen­ties and fell in love with the land­scape.

Tell us a lit­tle bit about Elka…

She’s been raised by a man she calls Trap­per. He taught her ev­ery­thing she needs to sur­vive, but he’s not what he seems. She flees in search of her par­ents, but Trap­per isn’t let­ting her go eas­ily…

What was the ini­tial idea that sparked the novel?

There was a scene in a TV show fea­tur­ing a girl who saw a woman her fa­ther had killed as a deer. That this girl could be so blind to what he had done made me ques­tion whether she was a vic­tim as well, or if she was com­plicit. I wanted to ex­plore that while still mak­ing the reader cheer for her.

You work as an editor. Has that fed into the book?

Yes. I work with li­censed books, mainly TV, movie and videogame tie-ins. I love see­ing how a game or a movie evolves from con­cept sketches. This vis­ual fo­cus has fed into my writ­ing.

Who are your lit­er­ary he­roes?

So many. Clive Barker taught me that hor­rific can be beau­ti­ful, Emily Brontë taught me about mak­ing the land­scape as vivid as the char­ac­ters, and David Mitchell taught me that any­thing is pos­si­ble.

The Wolf Road is out on 30 June from The Bor­ough Press.

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