Se­quel? Re­boot? We don’t yet know What Form the new movie Will take, but our read­ers had a few thoughts…

SFX - - First Contact -

Don’t try and re­cast Jareth

1 a re­cur­rent theme through­out your com­ments was that while the se­quel/ re­boot/what­ever-it-turns-out-to-be should fea­ture an­other charis­matic vil­lain, pos­si­bly an­other mu­si­cian, it shouldn’t be Jareth. dar­ren thomas said, “Don’t try and re­place Bowie – you can’t. If you have to pick an­other gob­lin leader, how about a woman? Lady Gaga is ec­cen­tric enough and has the star power.”

Make a se­quel, not a re­boot

2 you were also very clear that a se­quel would be much pre­ferred over a re­boot of the orig­i­nal. “Make it a se­quel,” says graeme White. “have Jareth be dead and gone and toby the heir to the gob­lin throne. have him work along­side sarah and her friends in try­ing to de­pose who­ever has claimed the throne.”

fo­cus on the next gen­er­a­tion

3 there’s a lot of de­mand for Jen­nifer con­nelly to re­turn, but you were also clear that the film should ap­peal to a new gen­er­a­tion. peter Riby said, “I’d love some ties to the orig­i­nal movie’s char­ac­ters – per­haps sarah could now have a teenage son or daugh­ter who’s dragged into the Labyrinth.”

Go mad with the pup­pets

4 the ge­nius of the orig­i­nal lies in the pup­pets made by Jim hen­son’s crea­ture shop – and you want to see more. to­mas Becks de­manded, “hen­son pup­pets! the more, the mer­rier! the fx in the orig­i­nal are a bit dated, so that’s a nec­es­sary upgrade, just don’t touch the pup­pets! and don’t be afraid to go a bit dark.”

Get the cre­ators Back

5 you were very keen for as many of the orig­i­nal cre­ative team to re­turn as pos­si­ble. han­nah Rowe sug­gested that “terry Jones should write the script again! It needs to keep the orig­i­nal’s an­ar­chic sense of hu­mour”, while iain L states that “Brian froud’s de­signs were so in­te­gral to the orig­i­nal movie that it wouldn’t be Labyrinth if he doesn’t come back.”

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