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SFX - - First Contact -

John P They should use pup­pets as much as pos­si­ble and cram in as many crazy ideas as they can.

Heather Ali­son Hog­gle and Ludo have started a reign of ter­ror in the Labyrinth, and they need to be over­thrown.

David Waxx Labyrinth hasn’t got a good story. Its selling point was bound­ary-push­ing ef­fects; and the re­make wouldn’t live up to that. Imag­ine if they made the story worse though… Carl Gib­son Less lunch­box! Andy Bax­ter Maybe we can learn more about the Gob­lin King’s his­tory. Is there a whole Gob­lin Royal House? Do they bat­tle for the crown? Lots of sto­ry­telling po­ten­tial in that back­story. Leo Lorusso Jen­nifer Con­nelly!

Gerry Gaffney A slightly de­tached se­quel may work or pos­si­bly a darker, grit­tier pre­quel about how the Gob­lin King came to power and got his singing voice.

Lee Hod­kin­son Get Jen­nifer Con­nelly back again and merge the sto­ry­line with her Re­quiem For A Dream char­ac­ter – we find out she was just on a drug-fu­elled fan­tasy all along.

Sham Za­man A beau­ti­ful fan­tasy epic that will ex­pand the uni­verse with love­able re­lat­able char­ac­ters that will be passed down the gen­er­a­tions as an ex­am­ple of what film is ca­pa­ble of. Not much then.

Jack Woodgate A re­boot or retelling of the story would also be prob­lem­atic. Look­ing at Labyrinth though 21st cen­tury eyes is quite creepy. You’ve ba­si­cally got a 15-year-old girl be­ing hit on by an older man (played by a rock star).

Harry P Yes! Do re­make it! But do it well, make it a good film – be­cause you know what, the orig­i­nal’s rub­bish. Child­ish rub­bish. There, I’ve said it. Plus many, many vari­a­tions of…

Fran Dono­hoe Noth­ing, just don’t do it, leave it alone.

Nathan Paul Kennedy I wish it wasn’t hap­pen­ing, and I won’t spend a penny on watch­ing it.

Stephen Pasqua I want to see it canned for the stupid idea that it is!

Zvez­dan Karasi Just leave things alone al­ready!

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