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Easter eggs and trivia

Fal­con’s bird-shaped drone Red­wing is a nod to Sam Wil­son’s pet bird of prey in the comics – the pair can com­mu­ni­cate tele­path­i­cally.

Black Widow makes a ref­er­ence to not know­ing where AWOL Avengers Bruce Ban­ner and Thor are. Per­haps the up­com­ing Thor: Rag­narok – in which the duo share top billing – is set in the same time frame as Civil War?

Vasily Kar­pov, the Hy­dra op­er­a­tive who car­ries the all-im­por­tant code­words for ac­ti­vat­ing the Win­ter Sol­dier, also crops up in the comics. There he’s the Rus­sian sci­en­tist who re­pro­grammes Bucky Barnes as the Win­ter Sol­dier. Civil War’s Soko­vian chief an­tag­o­nist Hel­mut Zemo (Daniel Brühl) ap­pears in the comics too – he’s the son of the orig­i­nal Baron Zemo, a Nazi sci­en­tist named Hein­rich.

Ant-Man has pre­vi­ously scaled him­self up as both Gi­ant-Man and Go­liath.

Tony Stark also built Peter Parker a spi­der-suit in the comics – he was known as the Iron Spi­der when he wore it.

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