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Why did you want to be part of this movie?

I was a big comic book fan when I was a kid. I still col­lect graphic nov­els. Dead­pool is a char­ac­ter I’d al­ways thought was cool as fuck, a dy­namic char­ac­ter. I was a fan of this be­fore the movie, I would have been a fan of this even if I wasn’t in the movie, and I’m still a huge fan of it, maybe even more so be­cause of my in­volve­ment.

How phys­i­cally de­mand­ing did you find the shoot?

I have two huge fights in it, two fights I’m ex­tremely proud of. One of them in­volves a lot of fire and the other was a long fight, a very tech­ni­cal fight, with wires and gim­bals and lots of crazy stuff. they’re very dif­fer­ent in their dy­namic, the two fights. the hard work was all in the train­ing, so when it came to shoot­ing we had a great time – we had so much fun. I en­joyed the stunt­work on this movie more than any stunt­work I’ve ever done.

So you’ve played a su­pervil­lain – is there a su­per­hero you’d like to play?

there’s a char­ac­ter called King Mob in The In­vis­i­bles, a grant Mor­ri­son char­ac­ter. I love King Mob. He’s an in­cred­i­ble char­ac­ter. But I’ve al­ways wanted to play Pan­thro in Thun­derCats… Nick Setch­field

Ajax in Dead­pool

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