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Lynx is a drifter and a fighter, try­ing to walk away from a past that he can’t for­get. He’s not the sort to seek com­pany, par­tic­u­larly not that of mer­ce­nar­ies, but he hasn’t got many op­tions. Anatin’s Mer­ce­nary Deck aren’t the worst out there – though they’re an odd bunch. Thrown to­gether with a rau­cous band of mercs and some other od­dballs, Lynx now has a more im­me­di­ate past to be run­ning from – and a fu­ture that he should prob­a­bly run from too…

From the very first page, this first book in Tom Lloyd’s new The God Frag­ments se­ries hurls you head-first into the ac­tion, let­ting

Hurls you head-first into the ac­tion

you catch up to the present-day time­line through a se­ries of flash­backs, pep­pered through­out the start of the book. This might seem a lit­tle odd as a way to tell a story, but it works per­fectly. The ac­tion in “now” is the per­fect bait to get you hooked on “then”; once you start flip­ping be­tween the two it’s al­most seam­less, leav­ing you want­ing more of both.

The world Lloyd wraps you in is just as grip­ping as his sto­ry­telling. Sure there’s some stuff that could con­fuse at first, like the magic or the var­i­ous cul­tures, but it doesn’t. Lloyd slips it all around you like a cosy blan­ket, and be­fore you re­alise it you’re im­mersed in a world of mage-guns, shat­tered gods and cav­ernous ru­ins.

The mer­ce­nar­ies are a colour­ful and lively crowd. The ban­ter be­tween them is funny and sharp. They’re not ex­actly a love­able bunch, but then you’re not meant to love mer­ce­nar­ies. All the same, you’ll care for them and feel ev­ery bit the com­rade on their lat­est jaunt through hell and back.

In-be­tween each book in the se­ries Gol­lancz will be pub­lish­ing bonus ebook novel­las. The first is due in Oc­to­ber.

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