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Games Work­shop’s lat­est is an in­tim­i­dat­ing thing. Open the box and you’re con­fronted with a moun­tain of plas­tic – enough to make two enor­mous Im­pe­rial Knight mod­els and some ru­ined build­ings. The game it­self, how­ever, is easy to get to grips with, the rules tak­ing up a mere two pages rather than the usual fat man­ual.

An Im­pe­rial Knight (a mech or “Ti­tan” in Warham­mer 40,000 par­lance) has gone rogue and so the Im­perium dis­patches an­other to take it down. Play­ers choose be­tween the evil Litany Of De­struc­tion or the valiant Ever-Stal­wart and must re­duce their op­po­nent to scrap.

They do this by pick­ing a num­ber of ac­tions each turn and re­solv­ing them in a pri­or­ity or­der. Usu­ally that will in­volve a com­bi­na­tion of mov­ing and shoot­ing, though it’s harder to land a hit if you choose a rapid Snap At­tack over plant­ing your feet and tak­ing a more con­sid­ered shot.

And that’s it. It’s fast and fun, though it works bet­ter at the end of a games night, rather than as the main event. And while the price is high, the mod­els are ex­cep­tional and use­able in the main Warham­mer game. Will Salmon

At 40 feet high, Im­pe­rial Knights are among the small­est Ti­tans. Em­peror Ti­tans are said to be 400 feet high.

The model vil­lage was lovely.

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