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1 If only Zack Snyder’s movie shared an iota of the sense of fun of th­ese Bat­man vs Su­per­man Mopeez (FPI price £8.99 each; prod­uct codes D6202, D6203, D6204, D6205), the lat­est in Funko’s range of cutesy plushes. Pic­tured are Bat­man, Su­per­man, Won­der Woman and Aqua­man. All look rather down in the mouth (per­haps they saw the film), and fea­ture weighted bottoms to keep them sit­ting up. Best fea­ture of th­ese: Won­der Woman’s cor­duroy hair – a phrase that’s surely cry­ing out to be the name of a band.

2 Just two of a wide range, this pair of Star Wars tin signs (FPI price £3.99 each; prod­uct codes D5852, D5850) come with screw holes in each cor­ner so you can af­fix them to a wall or door. But where to put them? Well, “Be­ware Ewok cross­ing” could adorn your fluffy puppy’s favourite per­am­bu­la­tion route per­haps, while the Death Star one, with “En­ter at own risk” em­bla­zoned on it, would suit the door of the most dan­ger-filled room in your house – a teenage boy’s toxic, porn-stuffed tip, per­haps? There’s an “I Am Your Fa­ther” one too – per­fect for your dad’s bed­room, obvs.

3 Mar­got Rob­bie’s psy­choclub­ber ver­sion of Har­ley Quinn is set to steal Sui­cide Squad, but here’s a chance to cel­e­brate the Joker’s main squeeze in her clas­sic domi­no­masked jester’s fin­ery. This Bat­man: The An­i­mated Se­ries bust bank (FPI price £19.99; prod­uct code D3895) is the per­fect place to stash the spoils of your de­ranged loot­ing spree – face it, that smile says “Crime sure does pay, Pud­din!” There are sev­eral other Bat­man: TAS bust banks avail­able, but this is the one that

tells the world you’re a cer­ti­fied homi­ci­dal clown-freak.

4 “Wook­iee Cook­ies” pro­claims the leg­end on this chunky and over­whelm­ingly beige Chew­bacca mug with cookie slot (FPI price £10.99; prod­uct code D5843). It fea­tures a nice draw­ing of the fa­mously bis­cuit-lov­ing fur­ball on one side (he looks sad, per­haps re­mem­ber­ing that scene from The

Force Awakens) and the Star Wars logo on the other. Hid­den from view here is the cookie slot, which is a bit of a weird ad­di­tion – cer­tainly big enough for a Hob­Nob (other snacks are avail­able), but prob­a­bly not for one of those hand-made ones you get in fancy cof­fee shops nowa­days. And any­way, is any­one re­ally that short on space?

5 En­gage in your very own Civil War at home, by pit­ting th­ese Pop! Vinyl Marvel fig­ures (FPI price £8.99 each; prod­uct codes D5593, D5594, D5595, D5599, D5600) against each other. It’ll prob­a­bly be an un­event­ful scrap, see­ing as their su­per­pow­ers are lim­ited to vi­cious nod­ding – not to men­tion the fact that Scar­let Witch’s head is so much big­ger than her body that life is es­sen­tially a con­stant strug­gle to stay up­right. Still, it’s good to see that War Ma­chine comes com­plete with his, er, fa­mous cricket bat. Owzat?

6 It may not be big­ger on the in­side (don’t worry, we’ve checked) but this kid­friendly TARDIS duf­fle bag is ideal for trans­port­ing, say, your Speedos and your towel to the mu­nic­i­pal pool. Made of polyurethane and fea­tur­ing the clas­sic Po­lice Box frontage (though not, oddly, the ver­sion cur­rently be­ing used – where’s the St John’s Am­bu­lance badge, huh?), it’s very nicely de­tailed – in case you can’t make it out, some of the finer de­tails, like the door han­dles, are only vis­i­ble when the light catches them.

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