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What kind of a person is Kyle Barnes?

When we meet him, he’s at sort of his low point in life. He has a dark his­tory with pos­ses­sion. His mother was pos­sessed, and ev­ery­body in town sort of knows that. Just un­der a year prior to the pi­lot Kyle had a very vi­o­lent in­ci­dent in his house with his wife and his child, and there’s a lot of mys­tery sur­round­ing that. So Kyle is sort of plagued by a bad rep­u­ta­tion and pos­ses­sion and dark­ness. But Kyle’s a good­hearted bea­con of light that’s sort of con­tained at the mo­ment by dark­ness.

Robert Kirk­man has said de­monic pos­ses­sion may be a real phe­nom­e­non. What’s your take on it?

I don’t know. The way Kyle feels about it is he’s seen it with his own eyes. But I think that there’s enough pain around those mem­o­ries that he’s tried to smooth over the men­tal scar­ring by say­ing it was men­tal ill­ness, that his mother was sick, im­bal­anced or some­thing like that. And ob­vi­ously the Rev­erend is all in. He be­lieves in God and the devil and demons.

How does he ex­plain the ef­fect he has on peo­ple?

It’s only through the first three episodes that he’s dis­cov­er­ing along with the Rev­erend that he has sort of an in­ex­pli­ca­ble ef­fect on th­ese demons, th­ese pos­sessed peo­ple. Kyle be­lieves one way, that’s all logic. And the Rev­erend be­lieves the other way, which is all re­li­gion. And they have to sort of come to­gether in the mid­dle.

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