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How would you de­scribe the Rev­erend?

Rev­erend An­der­son is the local preacher boy. He’s quite an up­stand­ing fig­ure within the com­mu­nity. He spe­cialises in ex­or­cisms. We’re on episode five right now, and he’s out to prove that what he does is worth­while. Dur­ing the course of the se­ries we come to see that he starts ques­tion­ing his own be­liefs and his own faith and his own abil­ity in do­ing what he does.

Did you learn any­thing from watch­ing “real” ex­or­cists?

No. I know they’re on YouTube. I need to look at them… When I was shoot­ing the pi­lot I had a few days off and I was watch­ing TV in my ho­tel room and I started watch­ing some of th­ese re­li­gious chan­nels with th­ese preach­ers. I was kind of riv­eted by their power, their abil­ity to sell this idea to their flock, if you like. It’s a real per­for­mance. In episode two I do a big three-page ser­mon warn­ing about demons. So I played that deadly fire and brim­stone. And I thought, “This is Elvis in a dog col­lar!”

What’s your re­la­tion­ship with re­li­gion?

I don’t have one.

Does it have a re­la­tion­ship with you?

Not if I can help it… I re­spect peo­ple who have faith. Per­son­ally, I never was a church-go­ing kid, didn’t come from a re­li­gious fam­ily. And as I got older and saw the role re­li­gion has played in the in­sta­bil­ity of our planet… I don’t per­son­ally have a lot of time for it.

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