"Its Sent A Lot Of Peo­ple Over The Edge..."

Colin Mor­gan is in high spir­its

SFX - - The Living And The Dead -

How will we see Nathan evolve through­out the se­ries?

One of the things we see on TV now, like in

Break­ing Bad, for ex­am­ple, is a good guy turn­ing bad. It’s so sat­is­fy­ing to see some­thing like that, that evo­lu­tion of a char­ac­ter or the break­down of them. I was re­ally geared up for see­ing a man go through some­thing and be very dif­fer­ent at the end from where he was at the begin­ning. It’s some­thing Ash­ley and me talked about a lot, what would be the event that leads a man to do the things he does and be­come the thing he be­comes by the end of the se­ries.

Did you try to learn a lot of the his­tory of the pe­riod?

We had his­tor­i­cal ad­vi­sors avail­able to us on set, mak­ing sure ev­ery­thing was ac­cu­rate. At that time the changes that were hap­pen­ing in farm­ing and ma­chin­ery were huge. Peo­ple were sus­pi­cious of it, and the times were chang­ing in re­li­gion as well. Peo­ple were re­ally con­fused and it sent a lot of peo­ple over the edge. It was a time of up­heaval, and not ev­ery­one re­acted well to it.

Was it chal­leng­ing to im­merse your­self in the more fan­tas­ti­cal sides of the story?

As the story goes on, it be­comes more clear why Nathan in­volves him­self and be­comes con­vinced of that world. Be­cause at that time, there was so much about spir­i­tu­al­ism and medi­ums and all th­ese dif­fer­ent meth­ods of con­tact­ing the dead. But Nathan is in the world of sci­ence, and thinks of th­ese things with an open mind. But I feel like his in­clu­sion in that world comes from a deep place of grief and a pain that he wasn’t quite sure still ex­isted in him un­til he came home to the house he grew up in. There’s a lot of trauma at­tached to that house that hasn’t come to light by episode one. It be­comes clearer as it goes on.

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