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Perry gets the re­boot

in a bid to win new read­ers, a few years back the pub­lish­ers launched the Perry Rhodan Neo se­ries – retellings of the old ad­ven­tures within a more mod­ern frame­work, a way of tidy­ing up con­ti­nu­ity and rep­re­sent­ing the orig­i­nal sto­ries with a fresher look.

set in 2036 rather than the orig­i­nal se­ries’ 1971, the Neo se­ries posits an over­crowded earth fac­ing very mod­ern crises – climate change and ter­ror­ism – putting hu­man­ity on the brink of war.

From then on it’s busi­ness as usual as Perry dis­cov­ers the arkonides stranded on the Moon, but all with a much more con­tem­po­rary spin.

and if you want a taste of Perry Rhodan’s brand of “back to the fu­ture” retro sF, ebook edi­tions of the lemuria cy­cle of books, by au­thor hu­bert haensel, started be­ing re­leased in english from late 2015.

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