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Keith Tu­dor, email Like most, I was unim­pressed with Bat­man V Su­per­man. How­ever, the DC Cinematic Uni­verse should still con­tinue. They should re­mem­ber who their char­ac­ters are and re­main true to them, but they can be dark and som­bre with it, as theirs is a dif­fer­ent take on the lighter su­per­hero movies of Marvel.

Whit­ney Wylie, email Do a Lex Luthor solo movie. What’s so cool about the DC Uni­verse is that the vil­lains are as great as the superheroes are. I loved Jesse Eisen­berg’s per­for­mance. SFX Thanks for writ­ing, Mr Eisen­berg – your clever pseu­do­nym didn’t fool us for a sec­ond. OrangePump­kin, Face­book The big­gest mis­take that Zack Snyder made in BvS was that he did not al­low all the char­ac­ters to be them­selves, some­thing that Marvel com­pletely un­der­stand. The DC Uni­verse has some great char­ac­ters and sto­ries, so it doesn’t need to change things a great deal. Why did they darken and stiffen Su­per­man when they should just have let him be his so-called boy scout self, as a con­trast to the dark and brood­ing Bat­man. As for Lex, he should be the evil bald ge­nius he is in most of the comics, not the long-haired teen nut job Jessie Eisen­berg played. Ian Sals­bury, Face­book There was too much go­ing on in BvS at the ex­pense of char­ac­ter­i­sa­tion. And have Su­per­man smile oc­ca­sion­ally – I’d like to be­lieve he en­joys help­ing peo­ple rather than see­ing it as an obli­ga­tion!

Em­met O’Brien, Face­book Let Su­per­man be fun. Let Bat­man be clever. Let the films be hope­ful. Let Zack Snyder find the exit. SFX They re­ally don’t want to let Su­per­man be Su­per­man, do they? I don’t re­mem­ber “in­tense scowl­ing” be­ing on his list of su­per­pow­ers.

Graeme White, Face­book Make some fam­i­lyfriendly movies. They may be PG-13/12A, but they’re not re­ally suit­able for kids, tonally.

Lau­rie McHale, Face­book Don’t be afraid of lev­ity or good hu­mour. Don’t fall into the traps of “edgy for edgy’s sake” and “dour = ma­ture”. SFX Ru­mour has it the up­com­ing ex­tended cut of Dawn Of Jus­tice fea­tures loads of scenes of Bat­man and Su­per­man do­ing stand-up.

Let Su­per­man be fun. Let Bat­man be clever. Let Zack Snyder exit

Jim Covert-lly, Face­book A se­ries of street-level Bat­fleck de­tec­tive sto­ries in the tone of the Arkham games would be a good move.

Wayne Cowie, Face­book Give it to the guys who do the an­i­mated stuff. That sim­ple. SFX Great idea. You’ll kind of get your wish later this year with the R-rated adap­ta­tion of The Killing Joke.

Dicky Crisps, Face­book They’ve tried to edit Sui­cide Squad[’s trail­ers] to re­sem­ble Guardians Of The Gal­axy, so they’ll be af­ter their own Dead­pool next. Com­ing in 2018: Blue Devil!

Adam Worrall, Face­book Scrap it, then give it six years and start afresh with a new vi­sion. John Curr, Face­book Bin the movies; stick to TV. Paul Chinn, Face­book Con­tinue on this path! Don’t try and make it a competition with Marvel. Loved that BvS was dif­fer­ent from the joke-filled, toy-selling ac­tion romp Avengers was. SFX In the in­ter­ests of bal­ance, we thought it was im­por­tant to show there re­ally are some peo­ple out there who like Dawn Of Jus­tice. #WHO’S THAT PEARL?

Medium Atomic Weight, email So Pearl Mackie is the Doc­tor’s new com­pan­ion? Noth­ing per­sonal, she seems sparky and spir­ited and the brief trailer shows a lot of prom­ise. But why oh why does New Who con­tinue to deny the Doc­tor a male com­pan­ion? Sure, we’ve had Mickey and Rory but they were al­ways the Doc­tor’s com­pan­ion’s com­pan­ion, and they knew it. Some of the very best com­pan­ions over the years have been male. Ian Ch­ester­ton was es­sen­tial in in­tro­duc­ing us to the mys­te­ri­ous First Doc­tor’s strange, alien life­style. No­body can deny the com­rade­ship be­tween the Sec­ond Doc­tor and Jamie, who wasn’t afraid to chal­lenge the Doc­tor’s am­bigu­ous moral choices when needed. Tur­lough, Ben, Adric and the UNIT mob all added valu­able testos­terone to the TARDIS con­trol room. So don’t tell me a male com­pan­ion can’t work in New Who. What a shame the Moff wasn’t brave enough to re­ally shake up the dy­namic of the show in his fi­nal sea­son.

Don Mortell, Face­book Hav­ing been a fan since the 1960s (yup, was a geek be­fore “geek” was even a thing!), I think the show has been los­ing ground over the past few years. Thump­ing good sto­ry­telling be­ing re­placed by ever louden­ing mu­sic and, in truth, amaz­ing CGI and ef­fects. I think Mr Ca­paldi is a fab­u­lous ac­tor and I wish Miss Mackie the best of suc­cess in her role. I’m sure she is a fine ac­tor but I’m of the opin­ion that the best days of the re­boot are long be­hind it. Mr Ca­paldi’s pas­sion for the role is ev­i­dent but he is be­ing badly served by weak, fluffy, vague scripts and com­pletely con­fus­ing story arcs. The an­nounce­ment of Ms Mackie’s ar­rival a year prior to a new se­ries is frankly bizarre. Are we be­ing given a full 12 months to build our breath­less ex­cite­ment?

Si­mon Rolfe, Face­book I get a bit of an Ace feel­ing about her – and I like that. I al­ways liked Sylvester McCoy’s last sea­son. Very much look­ing for­ward to th­ese new episodes when they fi­nally ar­rive. SFX It’s too early to make a call on Pearl Mackie’s Bill, I reckon. The most im­por­tant ques­tion right now is whether her in­tro­duc­tion with the Daleks is canon or not.


Gary Gib­son, email Oh dear, I should’ve guessed it. As to­tally pre­dictable as the ap­pear­ance of a Marvel post-cred­its se­quence, DC-Hater Supreme Nick Setch­field gets to re­view Bat­man V Su­per­man: Dawn Of Jus­tice.

At least I’m not the only one who has picked up on the un­fair blast­ing this movie is get­ting from most crit­ics, mainly be­cause it isn’t deemed “fun – like Marvel”.

Mr Setch­field sim­ply can’t stop him­self, though – wit­ness his “gloomy” jibe in re­la­tion to the forth­com­ing Aqua­man movie and the “om­nisuck” com­ment in “The Bat­fleck Rises” – both in De­vel­op­ment Hell. I’m as­sum­ing the ref­er­ence to the “dour” Dawn

Of Jus­tice in Im­age Bank is Mr Setch­field’s work, too? [Nope – Ed] I re­call him slat­ing the first trail­ers for Dawn Of Jus­tice in 2015, no doubt sharp­en­ing his knife even then. I’d be the first to

ad­mit that Bat­man V Su­per­man: Dawn Of

Jus­tice had its flaws, but I’ve seen far worse Marvel pro­duc­tions.

It’s a shame that a su­per­hero movie that dares to be dif­fer­ent to Marvel re­ceives such a per­func­tory re­sponse from your mag­a­zine.

Any­one else in favour of ban­ish­ing Mr Setch­field to the Phan­tom Zone be­fore he can get his hands on Sui­cide Squad?

SFX Nick won’t be go­ing to the Phan­tom Zone on my watch! Not sure where you got the idea he’s a DC-hater – he’s a long-term fan of Bat­man and Su­per­man (he liked Su­per­man Re­turns!) and his very fair BvS re­view came from the point of view of a fan mas­sively dis­ap­pointed by what he was see­ing on screen. Be­lieve me, we’d all have liked Bat­man V Su­per­man to be a lot bet­ter than it was – what a waste of ma­te­rial!


Carl Roberts, Hinck­ley I have just read in is­sue 274 the Freeze Frame ar­ti­cle on Tim Bur­ton’s Miss Pere­grine’s Home For Pe­cu­liar

Chil­dren and there are a cou­ple of com­ments from your team that I just couldn’t ig­nore. Rich says this is a “re­turn to form for Bur­ton”. Didn’t he see the fan­tas­tic Alice In

Won­der­land and, ad­mit­tedly the not so fan­tas­tic, but still fun and en­ter­tain­ing, Dark Shad­ows? Then Will went on to say “I wish Bur­ton would break away from his vis­ual tropes and make some­thing low-key like Ed Wood”. Did he not see the fab­u­lous Big Eyes?

Okay so I may be bi­ased as I am a huge Tim Bur­ton fan and I re­alise his work may not be to ev­ery­one’s taste, but doesn’t ev­ery di­rec­tor have their own niche?

SFX I used to love Bur­ton in the days of Beetle­juice, Bat­man and Ed­ward Scis­sorhands. I’ve even got a soft spot for his Char­lie And The Choco­late Fac­tory. But it’s a long time since I’ve been able to see the movie be­yond those trade­mark Bur­ton quirks. Alice In Won­der­land left me to­tally cold.


Rik Laan, the Nether­lands I skipped the cover fea­ture of SFX 271, be­cause I was read­ing the last (avail­able) novel of A Song Of Ice

And Fire at the time. I haven’t seen the fifth sea­son of GoT yet, but I thought it was safe to read the ar­ti­cle (and the one in SFX 273) now I’ve fin­ished read­ing A Dance

With Dragons. I was wrong. Stan­nis is dead? No, he isn’t (yet), he’s stuck in the snow! Arya is still blind? SPOILER No, she’s not (any more). Sansa mar­ried to Ram­say Bolton? That one is to­tally wrong, it should be “pre­tend Arya”, who was one of Sansa’s maids!

Ap­par­ently the only (ma­jor) things they got right last sea­son were Cer­sei’s walk of shame and the stab­bing of Jon Snow.

It seems the nov­els and the TV-se­ries are al­ready quite dif­fer­ent things. I’m still think­ing Robb Stark’s un­born child will be the last best hope for Wes­teros. But what do I know? Like you lot, prob­a­bly I know noth­ing. SFX You’ll never guess what’s hap­pened to Jon Snow...


Alexan­der Edwards, email I think

it’s the per­fect time for Star Trek to grow up, and take ad­van­tage of the world we now live in.

All good sci­ence fic­tion takes some­thing in our lives and cre­ates a world where things are dif­fer­ent, and then ex­plores the im­pli­ca­tions. This was the ba­sis for a lot of episodes from Next Gen, and harks back per­fectly to that core idea of ex­plor­ing.

I think we now live in a world where a star­ship crew could spend three to 10 episodes try­ing to help solve a morally com­pli­cated sit­u­a­tion. It’s also time for char­ac­ters to go on real jour­neys of their own. Just like Bat­tlestar

Galac­tica, the char­ac­ters at the end can re­sem­ble who they were

I think it’s the per­fect time for Star Trek to grow up

at the begin­ning, but evolved, and shaped by their ex­pe­ri­ence. SFX The word on the street is that showrun­ner Bryan Fuller’s look­ing at a more an­thol­ogy-ish take on Trek with his new TV show, so you may get your wish for longer form Trek sto­ry­telling. Let’s not for­get to keep it fun though, eh?


chloeyoshi­fan2, email I was cu­ri­ous as to why you have not re­viewed the sec­ond sea­son of Do­min­ion, see­ing that the sea­son two DVD came out in the UK in this month, and in the US a few months ear­lier. I wanted to see what the peo­ple at SFX thought of it, and what they thought of the can­cel­la­tion. SFX Alas, there’s so much sci-fi out there that we can’t re­view ev­ery­thing we’d like to. And given the general sense of meh about Do­min­ion em­a­nat­ing from SFX Tow­ers, Do­min­ion 2 didn’t make the cut. Our re­ac­tion to its can­cel­la­tion? Un­sur­prised...

Mike Gar­ner, Moorends Is Lu­cifer based on the Mike Carey epic? If so its the worst comic book adap­tion ever. If not, it’s frus­trat­ingly en­joy­able.

Jenny Scragg, email Just read­ing through is­sue 273, and came across the “Don’t Quote Me” from Les­lie Jones – “why can’t a reg­u­lar person be a Ghost­buster?” Am I the only person on the planet who re­mem­bers that Win­ston Zed­de­more was not a sci­en­tist either? Clearly the mak­ers of the new trailer have for­got­ten (un­less Win­ston was given an hon­orary qual­i­fi­ca­tion af­ter the movie)! SFX Win­ston def­i­nitely isn’t a sci­en­tist in the orig­i­nal movie – that “30 years ago, four sci­en­tists saved New York” line in the first Ghost­busters trailer is ut­ter non­sense. Do your re­search, trailer peo­ple!

A Lex Luthor for the 21st cen­tury? Per­haps not.

The Doc­tor tells the one about the eye stalk.

Ben and Zack plot doom, death and de­struc­tion.

Either char­ac­ters from Tim Bur­ton’s new film or the re­main­ing mem­bers of his fan club.

Arya in Game Of Thrones: fac­ing up to Stark re­al­i­ties.

C’mon, some­one crack a smile!

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