Is the DCTVU all about its first sea­sons?

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Our overview of The Flash, Ar­row and Le­gends Of To­mor­row.

UK Broad­cast Sky 1, fin­ished US Broad­cast The CW, fin­ished Episodes Re­viewed 4.01-4.23 (Ar­row), 2.01-2.23 (The Flash), 1.01-1.16 (Le­gends Of To­mor­row)

If there’s one thing that Greg Ber­lanti and the DC TV Uni­verse he’s sculpted have proven, it’s the abil­ity to hit the ground run­ning. While all four of the DC shows Ber­lanti has over­seen — Ar­row, The Flash, Su­per­girl and Le­gends Of To­mor­row — have ful­filled the dreams of many a fan, their ini­tial sea­sons have, on the whole, yielded the high­est lev­els of sat­is­fac­tion thus far. Some may de­cry Ar­row’s first year, but only its sec­ond has sur­passed it. Few would ar­gue that The Flash’s sec­ond sea­son topped its first. And while Le­gends has only en­joyed one out­ing thus far, it’s proved more en­ter­tain­ing than this past sea­son of Ar­row and Flash. As has sis­ter show Su­per­girl.

To be fair, sea­son four of Ar­row of­fered per­haps the show’s finest ac­tor yet in Neal McDonough, who made Damien Darhk as charm­ingly twisted as any of Buffy’s Big Bads. And Echo Kel­lum’s Cur­tis Holt was a wor­thy successor to Bran­don Routh’s Ray Palmer in the laughs depart­ment. But the soap op­er­at­ics sur­round­ing Felic­ity’s maim­ing and Lau­rel’s death proved more over­wrought than mov­ing. Though we’ll take Darhk’s plan to de­stroy Oliver’s city any day over the lack­lus­tre strat­egy of Ra’s al Ghul in sea­son three.

Mean­while, in just its sec­ond year The Flash re­cy­cled the cen­tral sto­ry­line of its first sea­son, in which a seem­ingly benev­o­lent bene­fac­tor – then Har­ri­son Wells, now Jay Gar­rick – was re­vealed to be a su­pervil­lain with a se­cret, evil agenda. Since the char­ac­ter of Gar­rick has long been one of the most revered in DC Comics, fans were left with a sour taste in their

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