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Is the X-Men uni­verse head­ing to­wards apoca­lypse?

Marcel­vanDriel, Twit­ter Much more fun than I ex­pected, even though Apoca­lypse was a medi­ocre vil­lain and it has a ques­tion­able moral.

Visulth, Face­book The X-Men movies have al­ways been held back be­cause of Bryan Singer. He’s stuck in this rut where he re­fuses to be fully ac­cu­rate to the comic char­ac­ters in cos­tumes or per­son­al­i­ties, as if he’s em­bar­rassed or ashamed. It’s not the ’90s any­more, Mar­vel has shown clearly that you can be source ac­cu­rate. In­stead of putting the comic book char­ac­ters on screen, he’s brought his own lit­tle troupe of ac­tors and ac­tresses and dis­guised them un­der the X-Men ban­ner, so we get Mys­tique who bears no re­sem­blance to her comic char­ac­ter in per­son­al­ity or vi­su­als, and Cy­clops who is never any­thing but a joke and not a leader. So many missed op­por­tu­ni­ties.

Ada363, Face­book Let’s just say I en­joyed the comics more than the movies. I’ve never had the same fun and ex­cite­ment with the X-men movies as I have had with the MCU. The X-uni­verse comes across as a bit of a mess. Great sto­ries and they keep mess­ing them up. Time they did a Spidey and joined the MCU.

OrangeClover, Face­book As good as McAvoy is he’s not a patch on Ste­wart’s Xavier and looks very odd with a shaved head. Skull­cap next time, me­thinks. Please, for the love of god, get rid of Jen­nifer Lawrence – aw­ful, just aw­ful. Romijn was great as Mys­tique; sorry to see her need­lessly re­placed for the new films. Wolver­ine’s time is gone, time for X-23.

Russell Gar­land, Face­book I loved it! Great see­ing Jean Grey and some of the oth­ers get a big­ger part and Quick­sil­ver was bril­liant again.

James Daykin, Face­book So­phie Turner was right – third one is al­ways worst. Felt less in­tel­li­gent than other two, just mu­tants smash­ing against each other.

Andy Meakin, Face­book At times I thought I was watch­ing Mor­tal Kom­bat: An­ni­hi­la­tion.A bland, unin­spired en­try into the X-fran­chise. If I was to say some­thing good about it, then it would be that it isn’t the worst X-Men film.

An­drew, Face­book Best X-Men movie so far, and much bet­ter than Civil War was.

Ross War­ren, Face­book Fun char­ac­ters ham­pered by a seen-it-all-be­fore bad guy and fi­nale.

Nick, Face­book Re­ally en­joyed it. Just wish there was more Psy­locke!

The X-Men movies have been held back be­cause of Bryan Singer

Sandy Munro, Face­book A bit “meh”. All the horse­men bar Mag­neto were point­less.

Chris Evans, Face­book Loved it, more or less as good as DoFP al­though wish McAvoy and Fass­ben­der had more scenes to­gether.

Matt Sandry, Face­book Some char­ac­ters felt flat such as An­gel, but Pro­fes­sor X, Mag­neto, Quick­sil­ver and Nightcrawler stole the show.

Lee Perry, Face­book They’re get­ting a bit OTT for me now. Need to trim back the mu­tants.

Jayne Har­ris, Face­book My hus­band and I saw it last Fri­day and loved it. Can’t un­der­stand all the neg­a­tive re­views.

Peter Campbell, Face­book Loved it, just wish there hadn’t been so many trail­ers for it. SFX I haven’t seen it yet, but I doubt it’ll match up to the only X-Men flick I re­ally love, First Class. That was a most en­joy­able plane jour­ney back from Bangkok (al­though I wasn’t IN first class, sadly). Even though this one has got mixed re­views, we’ll still be see­ing the X-uni­verse on the big screen for a long, long time to come. #CIVIL BORE

Jim Con­nolly, email After watch­ing Civil War I felt com­pelled to write. While it was ad­mit­tedly a fun ac­tion flick I felt an­noyed that it scored so highly over BvS. Civil War is es­sen­tially just a for­get­table $230 mil­lion episode of Power Rangers whereas BvS is a highly stylish, if flawed, DKR de­riv­a­tive with pos­si­bly the finest live-ac­tion Batman. It’s worth not­ing that Iron Man 2 still scores higher than Watch­men, which was out around a sim­i­lar-ish time, which tells me how lit­tle the re­view­ers un­der­stand the source ma­te­rial.

Medi­umA­tomic I can’t be the only per­son who’s get­ting a lit­tle bored with Mar­vel movies. I’m glad DC are forg­ing ahead with their own look and feel. I en­joyed the gritty dark­ness of BvS, full of un­ex­pected twists and touches, and I’m ex­cited to find out how some of my most trea­sured he­roes – Su­per­man, Won­der Woman, Green Lan­tern – find their place in this brood­ing, cyn­i­cal world. SFX I agree that Civil War was just a tad over­praised – it was es­sen­tially an Avengers film, and one with too many char­ac­ters (like Hawk­eye, War Ma­chine, Vi­sion and the ma­jes­ti­cally te­dious Black Pan­ther). But it was mostly en­joy­able, and Sny­der­man’s uni­verse just turns me off from the word go. In fact, be­fore the word go – I didn’t even go and see Dawn Of Jus­tice.


Dave Du­rant, email I’m sad to hear that Dave Lang­ford is stop­ping writ­ing for you after be­ing part of the SFX fam­ily all the way from is­sue one. I’ve al­ways val­ued his con­tri­bu­tion and the con­nec­tion he brought to the “old school” world of F&SF fan­dom. I hope SFX stays con­nected to the Hu­gos, World­con etc as well as the more ob­scure and won­der­ful parts of our great his­tory.

Matt Ge­orge, Nor­wich Drops to knees, looks di­rectly up into pour­ing rain and yells “Noooooooooooo!!!”

Dave Lang­ford leav­ing the vaulted halls of SFX after all this time is break­ing my heart.

Like his good self, I have been with you guys since is­sue one and his col­umn has al­ways been my favourite part of the mag. That’s not just lip ser­vice, the man’s a sci-fi god!

Craig Bunting, email All the bloody best Mr Lang­ford, and thank you. SFX We miss Lord Lang­ford too. If it’s any con­so­la­tion, you can find all of his SFX col­umns on­line at http://an­si­­dex.html.

I think Craig’s good for at least an­other two movies


An­gela Owen, Birm­ing­ham Just writ­ing to say how sad I was to hear of the death (on 10 May) of chil­dren’s au­thor Ni­cholas Fisk. His book Grinny – in which a boy dis­cov­ers his vis­it­ing “great Aunt” is ac­tu­ally a brain­wash­ing alien robot, here to study hu­man­ity in ad­vance of an in­va­sion – scared the liv­ing day­lights out of me. I also loved a cou­ple of his other books: A Rag, A Bone And A Hank Of Hair and Tril­lions. Fel­low read­ers, if you have kids then I thor­oughly rec­om­mend hunt­ing down sec­ond-hand copies and press­ing them into their hands. I think authors like this have more in­flu­ence than we usu­ally credit – those two books were hugely re­spon­si­ble for get­ting me into SF lit­er­a­ture. SFX We were sad­dened by this news too. A few years back we printed a short piece on Mr Fisk (real name David Hig­gin­bot­tom) and were de­lighted to hear it found its way to the home where he spent his fi­nal years. Grinny was reis­sued a cou­ple of years ago, and we gather the rights for a movie op­tion were re­cently re­newed. Let’s hope they even­tu­ally make one – it’d make a splen­didly creepy film. #THE NAME’S…?

Olly Hay­man, email Any­one else sick of all these sto­ries about Daniel Craig quit­ting as James Bond? Ev­ery day now it seems there’s some new load of non­sense, full of the usual guff from un­named “in­sid­ers” and “sources” – I bet even MI6 doesn’t have that many moles! Frankly I think it’s re­ally dis­re­spect­ful to Daniel, who has been a bril­liant Bond, ex­actly the shot of adrenalin the fran­chise needed after pretty-boy Bros­nan (who wasn’t bad, to be fair, but al­ways looked like Q sup­plied him with hi-tech grooming prod­ucts along with the gad­getry!). Put your­self in Daniel’s po­si­tion. It can’t be much fun be­ing told that the likes of Idris Elba and Tom Hid­dle­ston are sniff­ing around your job! He’ll let us know he’s mov­ing on when he’s good and ready, I reckon, and no amount of tabloid stir­ring will smoke him out. Per­son­ally I think he’s good for at least an­other two Bond movies – and he’s got to have a re­match with Christoph Waltz as Blofeld, right? Those two were just get­ting started… SFX On screen I think Craig is fine, but I re­ally dis­like the way he disses Bond and the role off screen, es­pe­cially after SPEC­TRE.


PJ Walsh, Brad­ford Any chance of more Daleks in SFX? Cos I luv ’em! SFX Here you go, PJ, see be­low.


An­nie Marter, email Best of luck to Pearl Mackie as the new Doc­tor

Who com­pan­ion, I’m sure she’ll be good. Looks like she will pro­vide a per­fect con­trast to old man Ca­paldi. If only the series wasn’t so long in com­ing!

SFX I may come to like Bill more than Clara (wouldn’t be dif­fi­cult!) but the bad news is that the flip­ping Daleks are back again. Rest ’em, I say. Sorry, PJ.

Richard Mor­rell, email Looks like Dis­ney is pre­pared to con­sider mer­chan­dis­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties that would have made even the Beard say “No, that’s too much.”

Keep up the good work, guys. SFX Hmm, he might ac­tu­ally have said yes. #THE FI­NAL VER­DICT

Peter Low­don, Ox­ford I re­cently saw Blade Run­ner: The Fi­nal Cut on a cinema re-re­lease, and for the first time I ap­pre­ci­ated it. I’d seen it a cou­ple of times be­fore and al­ways thought it was a dour, form­less and de­press­ingly dark film about a fu­ture place that no one in their right minds would live in. But watch­ing it this time I saw new things in it. I man­aged to im­merse my­self in its at­mos­phere, ad­mire the care and ex­per­tise that went into the pro­duc­tion de­sign and tol­er­ate the slow spots more (you’ve got to ad­mit there are slow spots). It also sur­prised me just

how many long se­quences there are with no di­a­logue at all. So, fi­nally, I can see why its rep­u­ta­tion has grown since its orig­i­nal re­lease, and why it’s called a clas­sic. (Al­though I can also see why crit­ics orig­i­nally didn’t like it!)

SFX That you saw the Fi­nal Cut helped, I reckon: los­ing Deckard’s narration and hav­ing a bleaker end­ing was a wise move.


Hodor! Jane R, email In­deed. SFX


Bob Pierce, email Are there any read­ers like me who hate Games­Radar? Not only do we get old news, but TV re­views are just rub­bish! That’s when they can be both­ered to re­view them! Games tend to hog the limelight and when did book news sud­denly go out of favour? Dis­cus­sions like the old fo­rum are gone, in favour of Face­book and Twit­ter, and also one-sided. I want my fo­rum back, or at the very least a web­site de­voted to SFX mag­a­zine.

Iain Skea With re­gard to the pic­ture on page 50, SFX #274, why have none of the cast told Michael Fass­ben­der that he is not star­ring in a movie called Alvin Star­dust: The Glam Rock Years! That hair­style (look­ing sus­pi­ciously dyed), that stare with head tilted to one side, that tight black glove lifted to­wards us… It’s un­canny!

Karl Macks, email There was a full stop miss­ing on your Joe Hill fea­ture in SFX 275, page 84, para­graph four.

SFX Apolo­gies. We’ve put an ex­tra one right here to make up for it..

Ben War­ren, Hert­ford­shire Why are peo­ple bash­ing BvS when the real trav­esty is hid­den in plain sight on Net­flix? Shad­owhunters is so bad it makes me won­der what could pos­si­bly have got­ten a sec­ond sea­son green-lit?

SFX We hope you en­joyed Dave Golder’s Shad­owhunters Scriptease in is­sue 274.

Paul Baker, email I’m mid­dle-aged and lov­ing kids’ TV The Amaz­ing World Of Gum­ball and Ad­ven­ture Time. Maybe a fea­ture in your pages per­haps?

SFX What, on you lov­ing kids’ TV? Nah, not enough space.

Or­ange X-Men are the best ones.

Look out for the next SFX Hot Topic at Hav­ing an X shone in your eyes can make your hair fall out.

You know they’re in love re­ally.

In­va­sion! Ei­ther that or some kids from the ’60s.

The Mil­len­nium Muf­fin.

James Bond will re­turn, but will this one?

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