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Frank Grillo talks Purge an­ti­hero Sergeant and up­com­ing sci-fi…

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Does this thirD Purge film amp up the ac­tion?

Yeah, it’s right from the get go, it does amp it up. That’s by de­sign. I think peo­ple re­sponded to the type of film that the sec­ond one evolved into, so we wanted to make sure peo­ple weren’t dis­ap­pointed. We shot it in Rhode Is­land and it was all night shoots. That was about six weeks, so it re­ally started to play with every­body’s psy­che. All of a sud­den you feel like you’re on Mars, you don’t know which way’s left or right! I’ve just seen a cut of this film. It’s fan­tas­tic. I think it’s bet­ter than the sec­ond one. It’s great fun!

What kinD of im­pact Does the ac­tion have on you?

The show that I do [King­dom] is very phys­i­cal, and other movies that I do, like Cap­tain Amer­ica, it’s all kind of phys­i­cal ac­tion stuff, so I stay in pretty de­cent shape through­out the year. For me it’s fun be­cause I do all my own fight­ing and ac­tion stuff. I get in­volved in that, I have a good time! WoulD you ever make a fourth Purge?

You know, the funny thing about Hol­ly­wood is, you could say that this is a tril­ogy, but this movie opens 4 July [in the US] and if it does great busi­ness, guess what? There’s gonna be an­other one. It’s all about com­merce. I don’t think they ex­pected to make seven or eight Fast & Fu­ri­ous movies, but peo­ple keep go­ing to them… so it’s a great op­por­tu­nity for me. I love it, I have fun with it, I love the peo­ple who do it, so if there is a fourth one and Uni­ver­sal wants me to con­tinue on this path, I’m cer­tainly in­ter­ested.

What else Do you have com­ing up?

Be­yond Sky­line was a film I did last year. It’s not re­ally a se­quel. The premise is there are these aliens that suck up hu­man be­ings, sim­i­lar to the first [Sky­line], and it be­comes an ac­tion movie with me and Iko Uwais from the Raid movies. We did a lot of cool fight stuff with the aliens. It’s a bit like Dis­trict 9, it’s fun! Then there’s Stephanie, a real spooky, su­per­nat­u­ral thriller with me and Anna Torv and this young girl, Shree Crooks, who I think is gonna be the next Meryl Streep. She’s phe­nom­e­nal. It’s very con­tained, it’s the sec­ond film Akiva Golds­man’s di­rected. I’m ex­cited about that, too!

Frank Grillo stars again as Purge sur­vivor Sergeant.

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