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Evil-Lyn in Masters Of The Uni­verse

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Meg Fos­ter’s ca­reer be­gan with guest star­ring roles on such early ’70s TV fare as The Six Mil­lion Dol­lar Man, and she played Chris Cag­ney on Cag­ney &

Lacey for six episodes be­fore be­ing re­placed by Sharon Gless. Mov­ing into films, Fos­ter starred in They Live and

Masters Of The Uni­verse, in which she played Skele­tor’s hench­woman, evil-Lyn. More re­cently, she co-starred in Rob Zom­bie’s The Lords Of Salem.

Would you like to play evil-Lyn again?

No! There’s al­ready enough evil in the world with­out bring­ing her back.

What’s the strangest re­quest you’ve had from a fan?

No­body’s ever asked me for any­thing in­ap­pro­pri­ate or strange re­ally. I feel left out!

Would any of evil-Lyn’s at­tributes have been use­ful in real life?

Just the op­po­site, I think some of my at­tributes would have been use­ful to her! Though I drew on sev­eral rel­a­tives of mine in cre­at­ing her char­ac­ter, and I was able to deal with them through her, I guess. There are a lot of the women in my fam­ily in there.

Is there any­thing from Masters Of The Uni­verse you wish was real?

I think it would be great to have a cos­mic key! Who wouldn’t want to be able to open a por­tal to any­where?

What would it say on evil-Lyn’s grave­stone?

“Dig me up – I’m not fin­ished yet!”

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