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Em­met O’Brien Heart and fun. It doesn’t have to be Su­per Friends but I want to be­lieve these Su­per peo­ple could ac­tu­ally be friends.

Bryan Bes­sette Bet­ter edit­ing and fewer dreams and flash­backs. Be­tween the rough edit­ing and the flash­backs, flash­for­wards and dreams, I could barely keep track of what was re­ally go­ing on.

Andy Kin­n­ear A proper story, balanced char­ac­ter arcs, new as­pects to Wayne’s past, less bloody CGI and some in­spi­ra­tion/ up­lift­ing scenes! Matthew Sow­den Lots of ex­plo­sions, zero char­ac­ter de­vel­op­ment, a con­fus­ingly rushed plot and ab­so­lutely NO HU­MOUR! So it sounds like I might be in luck… Daniel Thomas John­son No more crappy dark fil­ters and, most im­por­tantly, FUN! Rob Burch Ac­tu­ally, I’d rather have Young Jus­tice back. Martin Ouel­let An­other di­rec­tor and a good script. Olly Hop­kins A co­her­ent sto­ry­line... al­ways a good start. Mark Wa­ters Proper char­ac­ter and story de­vel­op­ment. Kirsty Leanne I want colours. Some­times gritty works but not with ev­ery­thing. Jack Woodgate A scene in which Su­per­man and Batman drink cof­fee to­gether. Edgar Torné Plas­tic Man! David Latham Hu­mour. Fun. No Bat­fleck.

3mark­cooper Have Su­per­man be a good guy who smiles; don’t let Batman kill; no change for Won­der Woman; learn from Su­per­girl and The Flash.

Sozki How about the ’80s Gif­fen/DeMat­teis ver­sion? In other words “De-Nolanise” it!

Ali­son L Please don’t make it su­per-long – so sick of near-three hour su­per­hero movies!

Ri­d­ley More in the same vein as BvS would suit me – thought it was a crack­ing film. Can’t un­der­stand the haters. Red Rose I think un­til Sui­cide Squad comes out we can’t prop­erly make com­ments be­cause, who knows, it could com­pletely change our per­spec­tive on DC movies.

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