John Cho is steady at the helm as Sulu re­turns

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You worked with Justin Lin on his early in­de­pen­dent films. How did he take to the Star Trek uni­verse?

Bob Orci had writ­ten a script. [He and the stu­dio] had got­ten far along in the process and they de­cided to part ways. I un­der­stand it was am­i­ca­ble, but money had been spent, time had been burned, and Justin was un­der the gun. The re­lease date was not mov­ing. So he went into in­de­pen­dent-di­rec­tor mode. It was time to get cre­ative and to lean on his gut in­stincts. In a way he was very com­fort­able in that mode. I think it could lead to some­thing spe­cial, be­cause he was hav­ing to be mind­ful of what his in­stincts were.

as an ac­tor who’d al­ready worked with this cast twice, was Si­mon Pegg able to tai­lor his script for each cast mem­ber?

Si­mon just knows the Star Trek uni­verse very well. Then he knows us as peo­ple. He leaned into that knowl­edge of us as peo­ple, and our friend­ships, and tai­lored some mo­ments to us as peo­ple. I think it en­riched the process.

ap­par­ently Si­mon asked the cast if they had any re­quests for their char­ac­ters. what was your re­sponse?

I wanted Sulu to ad­vance emo­tion­ally.

we’re told Sulu now has a daugh­ter...

Right. That com­pli­cates the mis­sion in a weird way and makes it per­sonal. Ev­ery char­ac­ter in this one, their be­lief sys­tem is chal­lenged a lit­tle bit, and his fam­ily com­pli­cates his be­lief sys­tem as it re­lates to Starfleet… I didn’t ask for a shirt­less scene [laughs]. Joseph McCabe

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